Many companies issue workwear to their employees. This serves a multitude of purposes. It can identify the person as an employee, help to ensure all representatives of a firm look smart, and provide protection against dirt or safety concerns while doing the job.

In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for employees to be issued with quality hi-vis workwear to help ensure they are visible in all situations.

In most cases, you’ll be responsible for the workwear. While accidents happen and the items can be replaced, your company will notice if you replace your workwear every week. You’ll probably end up paying for it!

That’s why you need to know these top tips to look after your workwear and extend its life.

Change Outside Work

To protect and preserve your workwear you should change as soon as you get home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on your car or sitting n an armchair, you’ll be exposing your workwear to additional stains and wear and tear.

This will shorten the lifespan of your workwear. Instead, change as soon as you get home and help to extend its lifespan. You’ll also find there is a mental benefit to changing clothes.

Wash Often

It won’t surprise you to learn that your workwear needs to be washed on a regular basis. The exact schedule will depend on your job. If you have a job that gets your workwear dirty every day then it’s best to wash it daily and have spare sets of workwear.

Equally a job that doesn’t expose your workwear to stains and other debris may mean that it can be changed and washed twice a week.


Always wash it according to the instructions on the label and eliminate stains as quickly as possible.

Alongside reading the label and complying with what it says, you should invest in quality detergent. This will help to eliminate stains and extend the life of your washing machine as well as your workwear. It will also be more effective at removing dirt.

Know The Power Of Dirt

If you’re wondering why a little dirt matters then you should be aware that dirt is actually small particles that catch in the creases of your clothes. These particles rub every time you move, creating abrasion.

In a surprisingly short space of time, this abrasive action can wear through the material, causing holes. That’s why you need to wash it regularly.


If you’re washing a set of workwear you can’t be wearing it. This is a good thing as rotating through work clothing ensures the lifespan of all the clothing is extended. It’s not just that you’ll be wearing each piece less. Rotating your workwear also means that the washed items will have time to dry properly. This ensures there are no unpleasant odors and it retains its shape.

That’s essential if you want to continue wearing while feeling comfortable and looking good every day.

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