The payments through credit cards have extended in a diverse field and are widely used in businesses of all sizes. The consumers are provided with a wide variety of options, making the payments flexible and easy. The technology has also made it easy for business owners to offer a wide range of platforms, payment solutions, and tools that have helped in creating more revenues and increased cash flow. Now, one can accept credit card payments online and offline, making the payment option easy and simple.

The following are a few payment processor companies that offer a great range of services and solutions while taking the top position in the industry. They are as follows.

1. Checkout

It is one of the most popular payment platforms that has marked its name in the global industry. It accepts mobile and online payments in the international market while localizing its payment options. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and charges a very low rate for the transactions.

It comes with many features like a merchant account, a pre-integrated payment gateway, international fraud prevention, PCI compliances, and integration with 100+ shopping carts.

2. ACH Payments

It is suited for businesses of all kinds while offering web-based ACH and online payment processing solutions. ACH payments provide POS hardware for computers while offering the most economical processing rate in the industry.

Its features include time tracking, invoicing, project management, and more with no extra charges.

3. Merchant Services Broker Solutions

It is considered one of the best credit card processing companies in the international market. It offers varied plans for online payments with affordable pricing services. It is specially modeled to suit businesses of all kinds and shapes. It provides a secured e-commerce payment option with excellent customer support aiding 24/7/365.

It is simply not tagged as the best ss as it offers flexible solutions to meet its customers’ needs and requirements.

4. Amazon Payments

While extending its platform to the next superior level, Amazon Payments has come up with innovative and flexible options to get in touch with their customers and serve them well. It has created easy access through the tablet, desktop, and mobile platforms. The consumers can simply use their Amazon account for direct payment. It offers great solutions for all kinds of businesses. It is known to offer the lowest processing rate in the market with no hidden or monthly fee plans. Other features such as time tracking, invoicing, project management, etc. are charged completely free.

Payment Processing Companies

5. American Express Serve

It is a pre-paid debit card that offers a 1% cashback in online and stores. Fraud protection, ATM withdrawal, and mobile access are offered for free.

American Express Serve targets larger enterprises and individuals while hosting payment processing API and checkout for the e-commerce businesses. It leads in the industry with the most affordable fee structure with no hidden/monthly fee.

6. Android Pay

It is a great payment option for Android users. The consumers can simply use their Android smartphones to complete the payment mode through the contactless pay option. it can be used to store payment information and track purchases making it easy, flexible, and the most prime part, secured.

Android Pay is targeted at daily android users. It can also be linked to your debit or credit card and complete the payment through your android device. It offers great payment services for everyday consumers and business owners.

7. Ariba pay

It is a B2B payment solution that integrates the funds’ settlement delivery with the line-level remittance detail. It allows users to receive or send the funds electronically and safely. Ariba Pay has its partnership with Discover Network which is considered the best way to manage bank information in the most secure offers free project management, time tracking, invoicing, and more.

8. Apple Pay

It is the most convenient and safest method to pay for the merchandisers. It can be used through its Apple devices like iPhone or Apple Watch. ApplePay makes the payment option very simple as it completes all transactions without the need for your credit or debit card. It stores all the card information in the device and substitutes it for the cards.

The above companies lead the list for the top payment processor companies promising safety, security, and integrity at its maximum level.

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