Microsoft 365 is a productivity tool created to assist multiple businesses across the globe to achieve their goals while operating, with best-in-class Office applications, industry-leading secure email, and intelligent cloud services.

However, Microsoft cannot take complete control over your critical data. That’s why Microsoft recommends that you use comprehensive Office 365 backup from a third-party vendor that will satisfy your needs.

If you are willing to up your productivity approach or you want to strike higher than your competition, here are the

Top Five Secret Microsoft Office 365 Hacks for Boosting Productivity:

Be proficient in Microsoft Office 365 hacks for Word doc

Good cooperation and communication are essential features in the contemporary age of running a business. Cooperation is one of the critical features of any modern enterprise. For instance, take as an example a recently edited document.

It is improbable that the document in question, in its final stage, was created in total isolation. In addition to its diverse range of collaboration tools, Office 365 offers real-time co-authorship for its global Microsoft Office users.

Thanks to the integrated sidebar, you can save OneDrive or SharePoint files from Word to directly share them with others, along with tracking changes in real-time without having to go back and forth between applications.

In corresponding with the Tell Me feature, you can save even more time in Word by performing your Internet searches directly from the Office app – right-click on the mouse or phrase and select Smart Lookup.

Powered by Bing, a search box will appear directly in your Word document to enter your query and start searching the web.

Time-saving Office 365 productivity tip – Learn how to deal with colleagues

Another helpful hack in Microsoft 365 is to ignore your colleagues. Yes, you read that right. It is precisely for Outlook.

Imagine having a hard-working day. And you barely can satisfy the needs of all of your colleagues.

For this purpose, the Office 365 Ignore Productivity feature works similarly to Google’s Mute button, automatically sending messages that you no longer want to be part of your Outlook mailbox and junk.

You can activate this tip by simply opening the appropriate message stream, click “Home,” and select “Ignore” in the Delete group. Also, if you want to disable this feature, then simply click “Stop ignoring”, and you can re-establish the conversation.

Were you looking to save even more time in Outlook? By default, Outlook will permit the person with whom you want to share the connection. Moreover, you can adjust the settings and change the access rights as you wish, choosing whether collaborators can view or edit your file.

Make your inbox more organized and focused

Office 365 Hacks

Hundreds of billions of emails are sent across the globe each day.

Until recently, Clutter was the most straightforward tool, but most potent Microsoft Office 365 hackers solved this problem.

The handy tool kept the inbox neat and tidy by automatically filtering out low-priority conversations, useless messages, and spam in the Message folder to prioritize your emails.

However, Clutter is not available any longer and has already been replaced by a more sophisticated “Focused Inbox”.

In contrast, the newsletter or machine-generated emails will be dragged to Other so that you can read or delete them at a more convenient time.

Even though you will be notified when an email appears in Other, this Microsoft Office 365 hack saves time spent going through endless emails and prioritizes digital communications and workload.

Go in-depth with PowerPoint

Office 365 Hack

PowerPoint is a super easy, versatile tool. It is software that is used to express your information so that your audience can understand it.

Elegant designs come down to your choice of color, font, icons, positions on your slide, what patterns you use, how much information you put on your slide, and how effectively you use white space.

It all seems really difficult, but do not worry, since numerous resources on the Internet can help you make great PowerPoint slides, presentations, and designs.

Instead of wasting time trying out your graphic design skills, you can rely on the excellent productivity feature to serve Microsoft Office 365 visual hacks, as they give you the best options for placing a selected image in a document.

PowerPoint is an excellent tool for graphic design as well, and since recently, Microsoft implemented 3D models within.

Unveil OneNote’s vast potential

Whether you are a busy parent making a shopping list, a software developer providing notes to a project manager, or a sixth-grader assigning a collaborative collaboration project to the class, OneNote can make your life easier.

You are probably reading this and are not aware that you already have it installed. OneNote was included in Office 2010, so if you have a Windows computer, chances are you already have one.

From registering to downloading the application on different devices, it is quite a step forward. Everyone uses apps on their phones and tablets, and OneNote is no different.

OneNote makes it easy to share, not just OneDrive. Integrated directly into the OneNote bar is the Email Button, which instantly creates an email with your body notes.

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