Legal Secretaries are responsible for administrative, clerical, and secretarial tasks in a legal setting. They must possess a strong understanding of legal terminology, documentation, and procedures. But the job is so much more than that. It is a rewarding and exciting way to build on the kinds of skills relevant to success in many industries. If you have worked in the legal industry as a Legal Secretary you will be well respected for strong attention to detail, resourcefulness, good communication & presentation, the ability to work to deadlines and under pressure. 

There are five distinct benefits of becoming a Legal Secretary in Australia.

1. It is intellectually stimulating

Legal Secretaries will find one of the biggest benefits of the job is that it develops their analytical and critical thinking skills and puts their abilities to good use daily. Reflecting on factual information and using logic to form fair and equitable conclusions is a large part of the job. Many Legal Secretaries find this rewarding and a great way to keep their minds — and skills — sharp for future job endeavors. These skills further enhance business acumen which is highly regarded within the legal sector as well as other corporate (and non-corporate) industries.

2. It opens the door to legal career prospects 

Entering the legal sector as a Legal Secretary opens the door to future advancement and opportunity. The skills that make candidates desirable for this role can allow them to move forward into roles such as Legal Assistant, Legal Personal Assistant, Legal Executive Assistant, Practice Manager, or even Paralegal. When you look at the resumes of these styles of candidates, generally they have commenced in Junior, Intermediate, or Senior Legal Secretary roles previously. There are also so many areas of practice in law including Property, Corporate, Family, Environmental, Immigration, etc. Many Legal Secretaries commence in one area of law but realize they have an interest in a different area and their growth comes from changing the practice area that they work in. 

3. Quality employee benefits 

Many law firms offer their employees, including their admin staff such as Legal Secretaries, incredible benefits along with their salary and superannuation. Offices are generally spectacular with incredible access to all of the state of the art equipment and IT to ensure you can perform at your best. Training is first class and continual, gym memberships are regularly included, health insurance is a common bonus, sometimes lunches are provided, parental leave and support are given, the possibilities go on. There are few industries that provide their administrative staff with as many benefits.

4. Variety in your work

Compared to other administration work, assisting as a Legal Secretary will provide greater levels of variety and responsibility, particularly as you continue to prove your ability to perform at your peak at all times. Common duties include drafting legal documents, detailed electronic file management, liaison with internal & external stakeholders, taking minutes at meetings, research, reviewing documentation, managing billing & expenses, working with confidential and interesting matters, calendar management, etc. 

5. It expands the opportunity for personal development

Legal Secretaries must meet demanding deadlines with a high degree of accuracy. They are required to adhere to strict guidelines for preparing legal documentation, which entails superior attention to detail. The demands of the job offer the opportunity to hone time management and organizational skills as well as working alongside senior individuals that can be professionally demanding. These skills make Legal Secretaries attractive to a variety of industry sectors, expanding the potential and opportunity for unlimited growth outside of legal. 

Finding the Right Fit

Looking for the right fit for your Legal Secretarial skills? Using a Legal Secretary recruitment Australia service can help. Legal Secretary recruiters can help the best and brightest in the field find their dream jobs. As one of Australia’s most reputable providers of Legal Secretary recruitment services, we have access to the best job opportunities and the working relationship with employers to help you land the perfect opportunity. Reach out to MJD Executive today to learn how we can help.

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