The human mind is a fascinating creation, no two minds are the same and, everybody thinks differently, even if you agree with a particular idea or confirm that you see the same object as somebody else. Various studies prove that your brain won’t have processed the information in the same way, nor will it provide exactly the same image of the object you both agree on, things like colors and perception will differ from person to person.

The power of positive or, negative thoughts

The subject of mind over matter is largely controlled by positive or, negative thinking, the science behind human attraction or repulsion can be looked at very simply as, if you think good things and do good things then good things should happen for or to you, equally, if you have a negative mindset then, you will likely attract things that aren’t good for you and have some problems along the way. It is what makes the difference between people on this website either staying sick, or becoming fit, strong, and healthy from conditions that theoretically would deem them paralyzed for life.

There is a large number of people, including scientists who believe that the human mind is capable of changing the outcome of something like a life-threatening disease, being able to aid in the alteration of bodily defects in addition to having healing abilities to overcome things like physical injuries.

Hold that thought

The human mind processing power is awesome, to say the least, a rough estimate based upon years of research suggests that the number of digital electrical pulses sent between the neurons of an adult brain is around one thousand trillion logical operations per second! What a breakthrough in science that is, to be able to assign a number or practical theory to how fast a mind can work, having said that and, no matter how fast your brain might be, it is impossible for the human mind to think of two things simultaneously. Clearly, though, people’s thoughts can change faster than most things on the planet, so, when you hear the saying “hold that thought” you are highly unlikely to be able to actually do that although, you should be able to flick back to it with the aid of your memory.


The subject of faith can be a bit of a controversial one, but it is actually perfectly logical to think that, if a person believes in something enough then it must be true or will become so. When speaking of faith, most people will probably associate the term with religion which is probably the best example and one of the oldest. Faith suggests that in order for something good to happen or, for it to be real in one’s mind, then there must be a firmly planted seed of faith or, belief that it is so. It is one of the biggest reasons why people think differently, because their brain chooses to accept that what it processes is factual and real, perhaps even, a virtual reality.

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