Any event, programs, and celebrations would not be known in today’s time if not for their history and background. Thus, this goes the same for the occupational therapy profession. Before it became a growing field today, it started as a career with little of the people are interested in, unlike today that dozens of individuals are aiming to become an occupational therapist.

Establishing a reliable and efficient organization

Late 1917, the NSPOT (National Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy) integrated under District of Columbia legislation.

The organization’s purpose is to collect information of advancement in the profession, occupational therapy, and to utilize this understanding for the good of the community; to review and progress therapeutic occupations, to foster research, to encourage collaboration between OT communities, as well as other therapeutic organizations.

Later, in the year 1921, the organization’s title was then converted to the American Occupational Therapy Association. In the year 1932, OT Reg. then became a badge to the original and first occupational therapy national registry that is issued.

After attempting new examinations for registration in the year 1943, it didn’t work out and eventually failed because of the reason that the essay questions were too hard to be continuously graded. For that scenario, later on, the year 1947 that examination questions then changed into multiple-choice items.

mental health

Puerto Rico became the first state in the US to implement occupational therapy practice licensing in 1971. The organization, AOTA, embraces its first Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and all OT professionals must comply. Happens in the same year in 1977, AOTA also produces 5 Sections of Special Interest that are; Gerontology, Sensory Integration,  Developmental Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, and Mental Health. The organization then starts a proposal exploring the occupational therapy rational basis.

American Occupational Therapy Association maintains the capacity of the profession to supervise the OT demands, such as the requests for international medical workers wanting visas, as well as the certification requirements for pre-screening. Thus, this year also; 1996, that the name NBCOT® emerged from AOTCB or the American Occupational Therapy Certification Board.

Growing through changes

 Because of the events and history that the organization went through, up until today, NBCOT® continues to serve the public by providing excellent practice and customer service through establishing information-based registration norms and validating expertise vital to adequate training in occupational therapy.

 The national board has its deeper roots that cater to pure intentions concerning the benefit of the people, taking chances to individuals who are willing and wanting to become professionals in the future. People, especially students, can assure a trustworthy and competent board that can certify them to becoming a licensed individual.

Establishing their comprehensive exams; the Occupational Therapy Registered (OTR), and the Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA), NBCOT® became a home of well-practiced individuals.

  • Occupational Therapy Registered Examination

Since the year 2016 a total number of 115, 481 claimed certified OTR with a passing rate of 74% coming from 8,848 candidates. This population grew more prominent in the year 2017 with a total of 123, 592 licensed individuals. 9,822 are the total number of candidates for that year and 72% of which passed. Later on, the last year 2018, 10,119 brave souls who conquered their anxieties to taking the examination, and fortunately, 71% of them successfully made it adding up to the list and 132, 968 to the total licensed professionals.

  • Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

 In the year 2016, 7,311 candidates took the examination, and 64% of these people passed, making up 49,566 to the total certified OT assistants. This totality further rose in the year 2017 and 51, 467 of the populations certified and 67% passed that year’s COTA examinations from 7,526 students who took it. Later on, in the year 2018, the growing certified OT assistants population turned into a total of 56, 858, with 7,143 takers and 62% passing rate.

Thus, the content of the examinations went through analysis studies to ensure that the students have the proper knowledge needed in executing the profession.

Passing these examinations is the most significant achievement to all of the practitioners since NBCOT® ensures every individual that this exam won’t become easy, that it is comprising of a lot of questions that can surely make every student think and reminisce all their subjects and practices.

Through the years, the NBCOT® is an organization that makes every individual prouder of themselves each year, certifying them to become one of the many professionals practicing today. The national boards ensure that practitioners have the knowledge and capacity to perform efficient practices concerning to whatever profession they are working.

However, to students and individuals who are planning to become one of these professionals soon, review your notes and get yourself ready because the exams will not only test your skills but also can become one of your turning points in life. While you are journeying through this battle, NBCOT® will be with you throughout helping you to become one of the licensed professionals.

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