Having a vehicle isn’t only a status symbol. After all, it’s a necessity for a lot of people who are located in locales with poor public transportation infrastructure. For a lot of working people, getting a car is a necessity. While there are a lot of countries that it can be affordable to get a car, many end up applying for a loan because it’s less cash upfront. However, one must analyze the options to figure out which loan is most suitable. If you are looking to get a loan to make your dream come true or to combine any existing loans you have. Find low interest car finance here.

As mentioned previously, not everyone is going to be capable of paying for a brand new or even used car with cash. Thus, financing a car by applying for an auto loan is the way to go. This can be one of the most convenient ways to own a car. However, you also must understand the risks associated with getting a car loan. There are a couple of ways you can acquire a loan. You can either get it through bank or dealer financing. There are pros and cons to each method.

Bank Financing

Car Finance


1. Accessibility

One of the major benefits of getting it through a bank is the ability to find a bank on any street in your city or town. This can make it very easy and accessible to do some quick comparison shopping.

2. Technological Solutions

You are going to have the freedom to use a lot of different innovative solutions to not only apply for your bank loans but also to pay. You’ll have mobile applications, comparison sites, and more.

3. Customization Of Your Payment

Another good thing that you get when you choose to go directly through a bank would be the ability to control and customize your repayment scheme. You’ll be able to choose how much you pay as your down payment and you can make customizations to ensure that you can afford the terms of your repayment.


1. Not Easy To Get Approved

Banks are going to look to reduce their risk as much as possible. Thus, they’ll tend to do a lot of filtering when it comes to applications. Not only will they ask for the documents they need to assess, but they’ll also even investigate your credit history. Therefore, you could find it difficult to get approved.

2. Fees

You’ll tend to have to pay a lot more fees when you go through a bank. While the interest rates they offer will usually be competitive, they’ll have fees that can drive up your cost.

Dealership Financing

Car Financing


1. Lenient Requirements

When you go through a dealership, they’ll have much more lenient requirements because they’re looking to push their product.


1. Interest Rates

You’ll find you will be forced to pay higher interest rates when you go through a dealer. They are much more accepting of those with less than stellar credit which means they are taking on more risk.

2. Aggressive Selling

You’ll find a dealer is going to be much more aggressive with the selling of their products. They might push you into buying a vehicle that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

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