The term ultrasound is used for a particular kind of medical examination where high-frequency sound waves are used to look into the internal organs of a patient. However, this procedure is mostly conducted on pregnant women. By the process of ultrasound, the abdomen and the female pelvic cavity is scanned an image of the placenta foetus is formed. A sonogram is a term that is different from ultrasound but is often used interchangeably to refer to the same process of examination. Ultrasound helps in detecting if there is any abnormality with the foetus. There are other tests which are done in combination with this to complete the process of diagnosis.

Ultrasound during pregnancy is highly important as the condition of the mother’s womb needs to be known in every three months of time. Given the fact that the position of the foetus or the condition of the womb cannot be judged from outside, the procedure of scanning makes it possible to check the insides of the womb to and helps in discerning in abnormality. So, if the doctor notices that something is wrong with the foetus or there are chances of damage then he can take care of them beforehand and thus keep the child and the pregnant mother safe. Thus, it can be said without a doubt that ultrasound is a must to do a thing while a woman is pregnant.

In order to perform the ultrasound, the gel is applied to the abdomen. The gel works as a conductor that allows the sound waves to go inside. Thereafter, the expert, who is performing the ultrasound, takes help of a device that creates sound waves to go inside the uterus of the woman. These waves then bound back off the bones and tissues and then come back to the device while preparing black and white images of the foetus that is developing inside the womb.


If you are looking for ultrasound scan centre in Bangalore then you should know certain facts before you finalize on a clinic or a hospital to get the ultrasound done. First of all, make sure that the clinic or hospital you are choosing is certified to make the test of ultrasound. You should then do a background check of your selected clinic. Make sure than the clinic has been in the field for a considerable number of years. You should then check the available professionals in the clinic and review their credentials. It is important that the ultrasound is performed by some expert and not someone who has no experience in the field. You should then check the online rating of the clinic. Your aim should be to do your ultrasound from a high rated clinic as their service is more likely to be good. Do not get lured to low rated clinics that offer cheap service.

So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind while you proceed for an ultrasound scan in Bangalore. It is also important to check the cost that the clinic is going to charge before you finalize the clinic for getting your ultrasound done.

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