Your drains are an essential part of your home. However, they are out of sight and often out of mind. A standard house has a small drain pipe connecting each appliance to the main sewer line. This takes all wastewater and products from the house to the main sewer pipes.

You should note that the sewer pipes are your responsibility up to the boundary of your land. That means if there is a problem with the pipe under the yard, you’re going to have to deal with the issue. It’s much better to prevent the issue from occurring.

That’s why you need to know the most common drainage issues and how to prevent them from happening:

1. Clogs

A clog on your pipes is one issue that every homeowner will face at least once. There are many reasons why clogs can occur.

Probably the most common is when a child has stuffed or dropped, a toy into the toilet and it has been flushed away. The toy is likely to get caught on one of the bends and allow the buildup of debris. This results in a clog in your pipes.

It’s likely that the water will drain slowly and then stop altogether as the clog blocks the pipes. You’ll need to use drain rods or a drain snake to locate the clog and break it up.

Preventing it is easier, simply watch what goes down the drains, only waste products, toilet paper and water should be allowed. All other items should be placed in a bin. You can verify the cleanliness of the drains by regularly using a drain camera, this will allow you to confirm the condition inside your pipes.


2. Leaks

The second most common issue is leaks n your drain pipes. If this is inside your home then you’ll note the water on the floor. Leaks are generally a result of the joints failing. A plumber may be able to reseal them for you. If this isn’t an option they’ll need to be replaced.

If the leak is outside you may not notice it for a while. However, the grass in the area of the leak will suddenly start to flourish and is likely to look greener and healthier as it has access to water and nutrients.

A drain camera can help to identify the issue, it can be due to joints failing or external pressure, such as tree roots.

If it’s outside it will need digging up to be repaired properly.

3. Backflow

The third most common issue is backflow. This is when the pressure in the drains is higher than that in your home, causing the wastewater to move backward and into your home, instead of exiting it.

As wastewater is potentially dangerous to your health it’s best to proceed with caution. Backflow is usually a result of a blockage but it can be a pressure issue that will need investigating further. You may need professional assistance with this one.

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