Young people must make one of the most important life choices right after school. They have to choose a future profession. Deciding among various college majors can turn into a real challenge. You want something close to your interests and goals in life. Yet, you should also look at job opportunities, the labor market, and prospects after graduation. That’s why it’s best to start with popular majors. These are some of the most in-demand majors in 2022 and beyond. 

1. Computer Science

Of course, the need for computer engineers and developers is now at an all-time high. Moreover, such a need is only rising. Thus, students with a computer science degree will always find a job upon graduation. Of course, the IT job market is in tough competition. Hence, graduates will have to bring something valuable to the table. 

2. Nursing

Of course, the world will never be out of its need for medical attention. As we all know, nurses play a crucial role in healthcare. These specialists are responsible for caring for patients and maintaining order in hospitals. They are essential specialists who will always remain in demand. 

Sure, studying nursing can be rather challenging at times. It’s also a major that requires practice hours in the hospital along with long study hours. Fortunately, students can always find professional writing help online. Of course, choosing the right writer for your needs can be tough. Here is the process of evaluating an essay writing service. Use these tips next time you need help.

3. Business

The business has always been a popular field of study. The world will never exhaust its need for entrepreneurs. Each of them brings a new venture, workplaces, and economic growth. Students in business will learn management, economics, and communication, among other things. Such skills will always be in demand on the job market. 

4. Pharmacology

The future is bright for pharmacology. It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Of course, the competition for good Pharm scientists and researchers is at its highest. However, it’s good news for biology, science, or medical students. A degree in pharmacology will allow you to research, develop a new medicine, and work in various spheres of medicine, including veterinary.

5. Education

Modern technology and current transformations of the educational system leave lots of room for new specialists. Thus, a degree in education can be even more in-demand in the future than now. It’s fair to point out how crucial the role of an educator is. It’s the specialist who’s responsible for the future of upcoming generations. 

Besides, these days, people of all ages and specialties consider getting additional education. The idea of getting a second or third specialty is also popular these days. Hence, even more people than before need good educators. 

6. Architecture

It seems like we are on the edge of rediscovering how we approach living, city building, and architecture in general. That’s why we need more young architects to bring new ideas and talents to the game. Architecture is one of those disciplines that has never gone out of style. It always evolves and progresses. Thus, the future of architecture lies in redesigning the urban landscape with a sustainable approach.

7. Engineering


Engineering is a very broad term for dozens of various professions. However, all of them are in high demand now. You can pick any type of specialty inside the engineering spectrum, and they all will be in demand. Hence, you can be in civil or medical engineering, electronics, hardware, etc. These professions come with unique skills crucial for building a prosperous future. 

8. Finance

Finance is one of those majors that will never be overlooked in the job market. In fact, the demand for graduates of this major is always growing. The economic world is not as stiff as some of us may think. It’s a work in progress. It evolves and changes every few years. Thus, we need young specialists who will keep up with the times. Not to mention that a degree in finance can provide you with dozens of various job possibilities in different industries and markets. 

9. Aeronautics and Aviation Technology

The future is already here. The world where we explore the skies and above has long come. However, it seems that ever since the 1960s, the world has rediscovered its interests in open space. Thus, the major in Aeronautics and Aviation Technology has been spiking in popularity over recent years. Sure enough, it’s only the beginning of its rise. 

Modern knowledge, technology, and wealth allow humanity to go deeper into space exploration. Thus, such a field comes with great career growth, opportunities, high salaries, and prestige. 

10. Cybersecurity

With how things are going, humanity will fully move all operations into the digital world within a few decades. However, we still need so much to do to make it happen. Safety and security, for one, are the most vulnerable and essential areas in computer science. We need more specialists to tackle cybersecurity. It is for sure one of the most promising professions of the future. 

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