CLUB120 is an online store selling supplements, short peptides, vitamins, and cosmetics that increase the human’s body opportunities. Every product it offers is safe, effective, and does not cause any allergy or side effects. That is why people who care about their health, beauty, and longevity more than any material goods and dubious privileges choose this platform.

The store name was also chosen for a reason. It is directly reflected in the motto: «Our main goal is to prolong people’s life to 120 years and more». Therefore, the company’s purpose is to reach the biologically programmed age of human existence that was found out by the researchers. For this reason, it uses famous geneticists’ innovations, high-qualified specialists’ anti-age and molecularity targeted therapy achievements in every provided product.

Company background

The preparation and creation of an international biotechnological project which adopts the most recent developments that strengthen all the human systems and organs were based on scientific researches of the famous Russian gerontology professor Vladimir Khavinson. He had been studying aging processes and methods to influence them with amino acid chains for 40 years and then invented the peptide bio regulation technology.

Company background shows that the project started in 2016. Many successful and intelligent people joined the project with the aim to benefit from the resources given by the nature and share their results. The team started to look for the newest developments appearing in the health industry, studying and improving them. The worldwide network of online stores that sell high-quality proven goods for health was opened on April 4, 2018. Today the company offers more than 100 products and many of them are based on short peptides.


The main purpose of CLUB120

The platform called CLUB120 not only brings people together but helps them to improve their life’s quality, making it more active and long-lasting. The company has already opened several distribution centers in Asia and Europe in terms of carrying useful and unique products to as many clients as possible.

Relevance in society

Nowadays we often live a stressful life. This is the trigger for many kinds of diseases. Short peptides help to recover all the human systems and organs on a cellular level. Products based on them are available here: The bestseller is the oral spray Epitalon. It has a rejuvenating effect, improves your sleep, stimulates natural melatonin production.

Phenomenal changes have occurred since adding peptides to cosmetic products as well. They help to get rid of any wrinkles, regenerate skin cells, improve the blood flow and nourish your skin to make it firm and smooth again, and prevent acne. You can find the AYORI beauty brand on the website:

CLUB120 offers the best scientifically proven effective products for your health and beauty. CLUB120: manage your own health!

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