Sometimes it dawns in you slowly. For others of us, there is a specific moment in time. But all of us come face to face with the realization that life is slipping by and it’s not at all what we imagined it would be. Our work, our daily hour’s long existence week after week, seems at best to have little meaning and at worst it’s stealing our very soul. We’ve now heard the clarion call of awakening to live the beautiful life of our dreams.No matter what the age, no matter when they call, we can take the steps to create a new existence. It takes some work but the process will be filled with wonder as you uncover parts of yourself that went missing or dormant years ago.

Discover Your True Calling in Life

In working with clients, one entrepreneurial life coach found an interesting pattern in his work. He would take people through a specially designed exercise that helped them find exactly what they came here to do. Many of the clients were brand new to him so he didn’t know them at all. He would ask what they did for work, and what they thought they really wanted to do. As they went through the multi-step discovery process, they did a sophisticated rating system for things they want to do. Every time, what they were currently doing for work did not even make the list. What they thought they wanted to do made the list, but got really low ratings. Their truest dream, the calling of their soul was something yet again. Their perfect calling needed to be discovered and uncovered, like a treasure chest.

Life of Your Dreams

Get the Education You Need for Success

Too often we settle for the mundane when greater things await us. If you dream of a life where you are your own boss and you want to create your own business, consider going back to school and enrolling in an entrepreneurial MBA program. Many graduate students are finding that MBA programs offer a chance to try out business ideas and are a hotbed of innovative ventures and entrepreneurs looking to work together to create something special in life. Graduate programs at the best universities can be somewhat costly, so it’s a good idea to take out student loans to pay for your advanced degree. By doing this, you’ll be able to enroll in the program immediately and then pay off your student loans over time. The connections and network of people you meet during your degree program will be with you for a lifetime.

Surround Yourself with Believers

Once you have uncovered your dream and you know exactly what your calling is in life, you have to be sure to nurture the dream. Treat your idea and plan like it’s a newborn, which in a way it is. It’s easy to be excited and want to share what you discovered with everyone. Be sure to resist that urge. You want to share your dream with a select few people only, people you are sure will support you and really believe in you and your goals for your new life. Sharing your plans with doubters or people who will react to your dreams negatively is one of the most harmful things you can do. Believers, those who really want you to have a beautiful life, will support you on your new path and will ask how they can help you make your dreams come true.

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