Building a new home is no longer a case of opting for the same thing that everyone else has. There are no multiple options, from prefab concrete to traditional wood, steel-framed, and even mud or tires! Anything is possible!

But, the main contenders are now the traditional wood-framed house and the steel-framed home. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, which can make it difficult to know which is the right material to choose.

Steel Framed

Steel Frame

If you’re considering a steel-framed house then you’re going to need a specialist in structural steel Sydney. This will help to ensure your steel frame is made according to the latest regulations and make sure you use the very best quality steel throughout the process.

Steel framed houses are made in the factory. Every piece of steel is created to the same standard. They are then delivered to your site, ready to be lifted into position.

Each piece of steel is bolted to the others to provide strength and support. The result is a very strong home.

Because steel doesn’t usually twist, shrink, or buckle the house will move less. This makes them stronger in a storm as they are better able to stand the forces of nature. This also means you’re less likely to get cracking inside the home as it settles.

What’s also impressive about a steel frame is the way in which it can create an airtight seal around doors and windows. This is good for your energy bills and, because wind can’t get in, it makes the house more energy efficient. In short, it will lower your energy bills!

Of course, steel-framed houses tend to be more expensive than their wooden alternative. It’s also worth noting that steel will eventually rust especially of the house is located near the sea.

Timber Framed

Timber Frame

Timber is a natural and traditional building material. You’ll find timber-framed houses across the country.

Timber is naturally strong. It can also be environmentally friendly if you ensure you’re using either reclaimed wood or environmentally farmed, meaning that new trees were planted every time one was felled.

Timber is just as good as steel-framed houses. You can create any finish you like, you have complete control over the finish and the color. Although it will need treating on a regular basis you’ll find that it can last for many years.

It is worth noting that timber-framed houses will need more maintenance than the steel-framed equivalent. This is because the wood will need to be treated regularly while steel-framed should only need inspecting. Of course, if a steel-framed house is damaged the steel will need to be treated to ensure corrosion doesn’t set in.

Of course, termites and pests can also attack wood, you’ll need to maintain the wood properly to ensure this isn’t an issue.

Finally, when building with wood you can flex a little. No matter how well you plan the build there will be small issues, wood can allow you to flex to accommodate these, the metal may not.

It’s worth noting that there isn’t a right or wrong choice, both are good building materials. In general, it’s a matter of personal choice. But, if you are concerned about adverse weather steel is the stringer option.

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