China has massively grown into one of the top travel destinations. Being home to the Forbidden City and the impressive architecture of the Great Wall of China, it’s never too late to visit the land of pandas!

When it comes to packing for China, there are many travel essentials you shouldn’t forget. Some of them are as under-

Start With Packing Electronic Essentials

Whether you seek the depth of Heavenly Lakes or a glimpse of Shanghai’s exclusive nightclubs, keep these electronic essentials handy-

Packing Electronic

  • Plug Converter

Though many people may warn you that China runs on 220 volts, it isn’t really a big deal. Most smartphones and computers can be plugged into 110v-220v outlets. However, the problem arises when you need to plug in a two-prong or three-prong plug into a Chinese outlet. For that purpose, you require a light plug converter.

  • Install A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

With major social networking sites banned in China, it may become difficult to adapt to the Chinese way of life. However, by purchasing a VPN for China, you get access to the websites and apps that are blocked there. Make sure to get a VPN before you enter China as the country has blocked many of the service providers as well.

Unlocked Smartphone

  • If your phone is out of contract, figure out how to unlock it when you are planning a trip to China. Once you arrive there, you only need to buy a cheap SIM card to have an instant ability to communicate. 

Power Bank 

A portable charger and a power bank come in handy to make sure that your phone battery lasts for hours. So, be sure to add this to your pre-departure packing list.

Pack Clothing In Layers, And Not In Bulk

Pack Clothing

Consider the travel destination and the type of clothes you might need there. Here is a list of essential things to carry along with the usual pieces of clothing you wear in different weathers-

Wintertime Considerations

If you are researching winter travel in China, have a look at the essential things to carry-

  • Double-layer jacket
  • Winter hat, gloves, scarf
  • Wool blend socks
  • Boots
  • Water-proof Pants

Springtime Considerations

Curious about what to pack for your trip to China in April? Along with other springtime clothes, don’t forget to pack-

  • Think Jacket and sweater
  • Light hat, scarf, and gloves
  • Face mask
  • Raincoat

Summertime Considerations

Summers in China are hot, humid, and sticky. After getting a shower, you might feel like never really drying off for the rest of the day. Some important things to carry are-

  • Portable umbrella
  • Sweat-wicking shirts
  • UV-protective shades
  • Light hat
  • Shorts and pants

Carry A Copy Of Your Passport


As an added security precaution, make a digital scan of your passport, and visa and keep it secured in a password manager app. Besides, keep a copy of all the important documents on your phone and email.

Don’t Forget To Carry Toiletries

Carry Toiletries

Make sure to carry enough toilet paper, sanitiser, deodorant and necessary medication along with you. Also, though it is possible to find sunscreen in China, it comes with some skin whiteners. So, it is better to grab a small travel tube and keep it with you while travelling outside.

These are some of the essential things to carry, though the list may be endless! However, by packing lightly, you will be less encumbered by heavy bags and save space for future shopping.


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