The travel enthusiasts who are obsessed with nature love Turkey. Aegean region of Turkey is a natural gem, Bodrum being a part of it is no exception. What was just a fishing village just before a decade ago is an amazing tourist spot now.

Bodrum is a tourist attraction from three different perspectives. First due to its historical heritage of being an ancient city. Second due to its blissful environment, and third for a ton of exciting things to do here. In this article, you will get to know about the third feature- A list of exciting things to do in Bodrum.

Before starting the exciting list of things to do in Bodrum, first, let us get to know about Bodrum in brief. Bodrum stands over the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus, the home to the father of History- Herodotus. Bodrum is a small city in the south-western part of the country with around 40 thousand people. Each year thousands of tourists take the blissful taste of Bodrum.

There are a lot of hotels and resorts in the city, but you will find the best resorts on the outskirts of the town. Here is the list of top things that you can do during your stay in Bodrum, in order to make it exciting:

Boating you experienced never before:

Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Bodrum is an excellent place to go for boating and cruising. In the beautiful blue water near the coast of Bodrum, the boating experience is an exceptional one.

In the boats known as Gulets, you can book a daylong trip and experience the blissful surroundings of Bodrum. These Gulets are available in different packages, and in the premium ones, you will even get suits and solitary dining experience in the deck. The standard tour packages are also lunch inclusive. You will get many opportunities to swim and sunbathe in the popular, and beautiful destinations around Bodrum.

An annual Boating event- known as The Bodrum Cup is also a thing worth mentioning. Many boating enthusiasts from around the world come to participate in this event. You can also visit Bodrum at this time of the year to catch that attraction.

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Explore the underwater world of Bodrum with a Scuba Dive:

Bodrum is as beautiful underwater as it is on the land. However, the world underwater is so much different than it is above. While visiting Bodrum, it is a golden opportunity to take a look at the underwater world through Scuba diving.


Many private organizations organize diving tours from various points of the surrounding Bays in Bodrum. The diving tours are very safe, covered by insurance and led by highly experienced guides. There is a practice session for novice divers. The organization will provide diving equipment but do not forget to take your personal swimsuit and towel.

The underwater view is aesthetic, and you will get a breath-taking view of the Sealife. In order to preserve your memory do not forget to take snaps. Some of the travel agency also provides professional photography services.

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Peek at the ancient heritage of Bodrum:

Bodrum stands on the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus. It would be a fun and enlightening tour to visit the sites with ancient heritage. The main city gates named Mysala and Myndos are great spots to visit.

Alexander the great destroyed Myndos, when he conquered the city. You will experience the renovated ones while you visit there.

Another most visited place in Bodrum is the Bodrum Castle. The Knights of Saint John built this castle in the 15th Century. It is also known as the Petronium or the castle of St. Peter. Its castle bears the witness of medieval European Architecture. The castle offers a great view, and you can take some stunning photos on the premises.

Visit the Museum of Underwater Archaeology:

The Bodrum Castle was an important fort across the history. Until the 1960s when it was converted to a museum- The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Bodrum is a port city on the Aegean coast was an important location to various types of ships. And the shipwrecks that took place in the neighboring waters, are basically showed here.

You will get very good knowledge about the Greek, Roman and Ottoman Maritime history once you visit the museum. Some of the noteworthy attractions here are the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology from 5th Century B.C., Bodrum-Yassiada shipwreck from 7th Century A.D., etc.


Bodrum is a great town to visit. It has an excellent communication system, and great hotels and resorts. The exciting things that these blog mentions are the most popular ones amongst the tourists visiting Bodrum. You would definitely enjoy those, get some exceptional experience, and knowledge at the same time.

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