Heating a pool can be an expensive endeavor because many heaters run at 1500 watts or more. However, if you are clever, you can safely heat your pool and also save money. Additionally, many of the best ways to heat your pool on the cheap can be set up in an attractive or professional manner, allowing you to maintain the overall aesthetic of your property’s prized gem. That said, different solutions require slightly different setups. As such, it is important to gather all the necessary supplies and ensure all the necessary safety requirements are in place.

1. Solar panels

Unlike a traditional pool heater that requires ongoing electricity for which you have to pay, solar panels harvest radiation from the sun and store it in large batteries that feed your pool heater for free. Additionally, if you search online for Sunshine Coast pool heating, you will be able to obtain all the necessary accessories along with installation assistance.

2. Garden hose

Using solar energy does not always require the investment involved with solar panels, inverters, and batteries. In fact, if you have a black garden hose, you can coil it up and attach it to a panel of plywood. The best method is to use three or four sections that measure at least 100 feet in length. If you connect the hoses and then connect one end to your water pump and the other to the outtake hose in your pool, the water that remains in the hose will get extremely hot from the sun. All you have to do is turn on the water pump, and the hot water will be fed into your pool for you to float in.

3. Rigid cover

Erecting a short gondola over the pool and equipping it with a clear roof can help heat the water. For instance, the clear roof will help make the rays from the sun more intense, which will then heat the air and the water. Because the cover retracts when you need to use the pool, it offers an easy and affordable way to heat the water between bouts in the pool.

4. Covers

Solar covers now exist that allow you to drape them over your pool. The covers absorb sunlight and transform it into heat energy that makes your pool nice and warm.


5. Remove the wind

One of the quickest ways to cool your pool is by allowing too much wind to sweep across its surface. Conversely, if you enclose the pool with walls, the heat will remain in the water.

Of course, if you combine this particular method with some of the aforementioned tricks, you will have the potential to keep your pool heated throughout the day and into the evening hours when a pool can get remarkably cold.

6. Rings

Solar rings are black hoops that you place in the water. The rings are layered in clear plastic or some other acrylic material, and the sun heats your pool as it passes through the ring. Being a type of passive heater, these rings allow you to heat the water without having to do anything except place them in the water.

In order to get the maximum heating effect, you should place multiple rings in the pool when it is not in use. Even if you are using the pool, you can leave some along the water’s edge at the far side of the pool. Because they float on the water, you can easily reposition them as needed to warm the water near you.

7. Pipes

For a more professional appearance, you can line black pipes along with a platform beside your pool. As with a hose, the black pipes should be connected in segments. However, unlike a hose, the pipes can be connected in a way that maximizes surface coverage while still looking professional.

Additionally, the metal heats up slightly more than the rubber hose will. If you connect one side of the pipe to your pump and the other to your pool’s outtake line, you will be able to enjoy a professional-grade pool heater made of cast-iron pipes. For safety, it is recommended to build a fence around the pipes. Otherwise, someone could damage the platform.

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