Reasonable suspicion training is a program that a supervisor can enrol so that they are able to know if an employee is using drugs and alcohol in the workplace. They are taught how to record the documentation on what they have observed, and then recommend the test that should be taken, to determine what drugs the employee is using. It has become necessary for all organizations to choose a person to undergo this training. Today most people are taking drugs and alcohol and they have mastered ways to hide their problem and only someone who is well trained can know. When an employer is convinced that an employee is using an illegal substance, they should recommend a test.

Importance of Reasonable Suspicion Training

To an organization


When employees are abusing an illegal substance, it is bound to affect the organization negatively. The employees will not work as effectively as they used to. They may even miss work a number of days and pose a lot of danger to their coworkers. The productivity level of the organization will go down and hence lose a lot. If they do their job, the quality will be low because they will always be spaced out, tired sick or injured. The organization’s confidence from its clients will go down. This is if the employee who is on drugs attends to them and does a bad job or if they are driving causes an accident. The organization will also incur on health costs because such employees are always sick.

To employee

The reasonable suspicion training is also important to the employees. When an organization has such a system in place, it will keep them in check. The employee will refrain from using drugs and alcohol because the supervisors will notice and they will be subjected to a test. Their level of production will also go up, as they will be concentrated on their work and not engage in substance abuse. They will also be assured of safety while they are working because the supervisors are observing each and every employee in case of any behavioural change.

To customers

This program is also important for customers. They will get good services in organizations and institutions. It is most important in schools if a teacher is abusing an illegal substance, he or she will not come to class and hence the students will lose a lot. This will also give the institution a bad name. The teacher may also pose as a danger to the students. It is also crucial to a driving company because if a driver is taking drugs and alcohol, they may cause an accident and it may be fatal for the customers.

Course Contents

Every training institution has its own way of training. The courses may be similar, but their method of teaching might be different. Here are the Course contents for reasonable suspicion training for employers

Introduction to the topic

This will include being told what reasonable suspicion is, what is entailed.  By the end of the course, you will know its meaning and what it is all about. This will be like a summary of all that you will be taught in the course.

The obligation of the employer

After the employer has completed the training, there are things that they will be obligated to do. They will have to observe their employees very careful so that they can determine if there are those that are abusing an illegal substance. They will have knowledge and skill to know the speech, physical appearance, behaviour and body odour of someone who is under the influence of drugs.

Reasons for alcohol and drug use

After the training, the supervisor will know some of the reasons why employees are abusing drugs and alcohol. They will also be taught on how to handle them when they are under the influence at work. This is a sensitive process that is why the one doing it should be trained.

Tips for implementing the policy

Those undertaking the reasonable suspicion training will be given the tips on how to update, review and implement the alcohol and drug policy. It is not an easy job implementing the seasonable suspicion in your organization, but with some tips, you will do it easily.

When to do drug testing and reasons

You will also know the correct time to do the testing and reasons. When you are trained, you will know when someone is abusing a substance. You will be told the things to look out for. If you are highly convinced and you confirmed that they are taking drugs and alcohol, you can now tell them to do a test and if it cannot be done on site, you send them to a lab.

How employers will document their reasonable suspicion and what to look for before testing

The employers are taught how to document reasonable suspicion. There is a process that should be followed strictly and cannot be done by someone who has not undergone the training. You will be taught how to document properly what you have observed.

Tips on how to deal with people who have tested positive

When you send the employee to take the test and they turn out positive. You should know how to confront the situation. Handling of this matter is very sensitive and should be done with utmost care. Talk with the employee; know their reasons for abusing the illegal substance. Propose a way to handle the problem, the employee can be counselled or be taken to an institution to curb the problem.

 What are the goals expected to be reached at the end of reasonable suspicion training?

Every company or organization always wants to reach a certain goal every year. So when they are analyzing at the end of the year they can see their achievements. The people who make this possible are the employees. If the employees are not in the right mind, then the company goals will not be achieved. That is why the employers should make sure there is nothing that is hindering that. The reasonable suspicion training will contribute a lot to making the organization achieve its goals. When the employees are in check and none of them is abusing the substance, then it will impact positively on the production of an organization. Below are things that the supervisors will have achieved at the end of the reasonable suspicion training: –


At the end of the training, an employer should know the regulation of reasonable suspicion testing. They should know how to detect someone who is using drugs and alcohol by just looking. When they are being trained they are told what to look for before they confront an employee with suspicion of them using an illegal substance or being under the influence of alcohol in the workplace.  They, therefore, have to follow the workplace drug and alcohol policy which has outlined clearly circumstances that will lead to a test.

Symptoms to look out for

It is not as easy as it may sound to know when someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol because other knows how to hide it very well. You cannot go out to an employee and tell them to have a test just because you have a gut feeling. You have to be sure of it. The physical signs like the eyes are being dilated and having bloodshot can be a symptom. The speech being slurring and at times they speak too much. The body being sweaty, shivering, body odour that is odd and stumbling or fumbling. There are behaviour signs that you should look out for and they include; laughing and crying inappropriately, not being able to stay awake, the decline in work performance, damaging of company property, stealing and borrowing of money and many more.

Filling of documentation

After you are sure of what you have observed and confirmed that they are using drugs and alcohol, you should record all that you have gathered.  Put all the information that is required so that it can be clear and it does not bring you problems later. If the employees take a test, make sure you put it down and if you were late and was not able to take a test document it also.

Confronting the employee

Take the employee from their place of work so that they do not cause harm to the rest of the workers. Tell them calmly your suspicion and why you want them to take a test. have the facts if they try to deny if they refuse to take the test, take it as a positive test.

When you are well trained on the reasonable suspicion, you will be able to handle matters very well.  You will handle the matter with clarity and professionalism. The employees will know that they are being watched and hence they will not indulge in alcohol and drugs more so when they are in their workplace. The organization will also have an easy time handing their employees.

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