Over 100,000 flights are operated every day throughout the world. With so many people flying daily, it’s inevitable that some flyers may deal with anxiety when it comes to their trips. If you or someone you know is a nervous flyer, you understand first hand the massive amounts of anxiety that can come from walking into an airport.

It’s estimated that 2.5% to 6.5% of the world’s population have a fear of flying. With flying anxiety plaguing a large portion of flyers, these tips are sure to help ease the tension on your next vacation!

1. Plan Ahead

Last-minute decisions are already anxiety-inducing without the added fear of flying. Planning ahead can save you tons of time and hassle when it comes time for your trip.

Double-check your flight plan and seating assignments before the day of your trip. If you plan on checking a bag, weighing it ahead of time can help prevent any unexpected baggage fees.

Controlling the things you can actually control, such as where you sit, which airline you fly, and when you book your trip can help you feel more in control of your trip. The more about your trip that you control, the less anxiety you may experience.

2. Educate Yourself

Educate Yourself

One way to cure any phobia is to educate yourself more about it. Learning all you can about the ins and outs of flying can actually help lower your stress. Take the time to learn about the massive amounts of safety features that airlines have in place.

When booking your flight, pay close attention to the type of plane you’ll be flying in. You can then look up the latest safety information on that plane to educate yourself and lower your anxiety before flying.

3. Relax With Essential Oils

Relax With Essential Oils

Essential oils have long been a great way of relieving stress. There are a variety of essential oil facts that point to their major stress-relieving benefits.

Using essential oil products before and during the day of your flight can significantly help lower your risk of anxiety throughout your trip. With so many different types of essential oils on the market, investing in essential oils to lower your flight stress can be a great move to improve your trip!

4. Be Honest

One of the best things you can do to ensure that your flight is as smooth as possible is, to be honest about your anxiety. Some of the most knowledgeable people on board your flight are the flight attendants. If there is anything you think they could do to ease your anxiety, be honest, and reach out to them for help.

Flight attendants are highly knowledgeable about flight safety and would be happy to go over any concerns with you. If you’re interested in learning more about the aircraft, you may even be able to meet the pilots!

5. Look Into Medications


The abilities of modern medicine are truly endless. Many flyers with anxiety find that some form of medication helps them to relax before a flight.

While medications certainly aren’t for everyone, they may be the right step for you if suffer from severe flight anxiety. As a nervous flyer, you might find that taking anxiety medication before your flight helps to ease your stress during your trip. Consider talking to your doctor about your anxiety and possible medication options before your trip.

6. Journal

Keeping a journal is always a great idea for anyone experiencing anxiety or mental health issues. Journaling your feelings about flying can help you to better get in touch with your emotions. Taking the time to reflect on your flight anxiety can also help you identify where your anxiety may have come from.

Remember to journal your feelings before, during, and after your flight to see how your anxiety fluctuates. You may find that the more you fly, the less anxiety you actually experience over time.

7. Stay Busy

Stay Busy

Many people on flights bring some sort of entertainment to pass the time. For a nervous flyer, staying busy on a flight can mean the difference between a smooth flight and one filled with anxiety.

Consider bringing different forms of entertainment for times when electronic devices may not be allowed. It’s always a good idea to bring a pillow or blanket for long flights as sleeping is a great way to pass the time. Remember, the more distracted you are the less likely you are to get anxious throughout your flight.

8. Meditate


The power of meditation has been proved time and time again in the fight against anxiety. Practicing mediation before and during your flight can be a great way to relax and decrease anxiety.

Consider using a meditation app or practicing guided meditation to help get into the practice of mindfulness while traveling. It’s also important to practice deep breathing if you do experience any nervousness or anxiety while flying.

9. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

While water isn’t the cure-all for everything, it certainly does help you think clearer and feel a bit better physically. When you’re stressed out, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated, especially during the hustle and bustle of traveling. Remember to bring an empty water bottle or stock up on water after you’ve already been through security at the airport!

Overcome Being a Nervous Flyer

 In the busy world we live in, flying is an inevitable practice of travel. Being a nervous flyer is nothing to be ashamed of and it certainly doesn’t have to stop you from getting to where you want to go.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the top 9 ways to keep calm while flying. If you’re still nervous about flying, remember that these are only 9 of the many ways you can cope with the stress of air travel. Be sure to check out more ways to stay calm during flights and stay up to date on the latest information by researching and reading more articles!

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