Under the control of Interior Secretary of Pakistan, NADRA Online is an independent agency that manages and controls the government databases, that holds information on its citizen’s identity. With the advancements in technology, NADRA has also shifted from paper-based Id cards to new and smart computerized ID cards that have chips inserted into it with some amazing and new features of latest scientific and technological applications.

NADRA is one of the most advanced and leading systems of a united database system which plays a key role in the bin the identification sector.

Smart NADRA ID cards and important characteristics

This new smart tracking ID card recently introduced by NADRA Online has features of the latest technology that benefits the cardholder as well as the Pakistani government in many possible ways. These features are enlisted below as follows –

  • It provides high tech solutions to all the card related issues using the new advanced technology.
  • Easy and fast production of the identity of the ID cardholder.
  • It comes with a SIM chip inserted which provides certain facilities such as –

           Biometric, driving license, weapon license, motorway tolls, passport registration, school/university card, e-tag, health care, voting, etc.

  • The smart cards also provide insurance for 2 years time period of up to 1,00,000 rs.
  • The insurance amount can be withdrawn by showing the accidental death certificate of the cardholder.
  • This e –chip-based smart NADRA ID card comes with 36 security features. The card is printed in multiple layers with each layer having its own security features.
  • A new approach to the ‘remote verification’ of the citizens was introduced by NADRA. The citizen places the card on the card reader which will be verifying its authenticity and the reader itself will verify its originality to the card. If both the verification is completed successfully, the reader will ask for the fingerprint of an individual on the NADRA card. Hence, this will enable the verification of the citizen even in the most remote places of the country.
  • The NADRA smart card is tracked by a tracking ID which is a 12 digit number, that is to be sent to 8400 and the concerned person shall receive the tracked location and other information of the cardholder.
  • The name of the cardholder as printed both in English as well as the Urdu language.
  • Live identification of cardholders has become very easy with the captured fingerprint of the person.
  • It provides with multidimensional usage and services.
  • The NADRA smart cards are crucial for those Pakistani citizens who plan to go abroad.
  • Easy disbursement of pensions.
  • A very special feature of this smart card is that it cannot be duplicated.

Issuing a NADRA smart ID card –

These cards are issued by NADRA. An initial installment of 1,500 rs. Is required for applying. This can be done by visiting the nearest NADRA registration center of the applicant. He/she should send a request for getting the NADRA smart tracking ID card.

Another widely used option is to apply online for the registration of NADRA smart tracking ID cards by visiting the official website of NADRA, and then following the steps as guided by the website. Make sure to enter all the details carefully with accurate information to avoid any delay in the procedure.

Benefits enjoyed by smart NADRA cardholders

 The smart NADRA cardholders enjoy certain benefits such as-

  • Social insurance and writing funds
  • Opening a bank account
  • Paying taxes
  • Passport registration,
  • Visa-free entry to Pakistan for the Overseas Pakistanis
  • Getting a Driving License
  • Purchase or sale of property
  • Enrolment in schools and universities
  • Filing a legal affidavit
  • Enjoying all the protection and rights of being a Pakistani citizen such as to cast a vote
  • Utility connections ( phone cable, TV cable, water and gas connections etc.)
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