Googling math questions usually don’t provide exact answers, let alone a good tutorial on how to solve it. I was just about ready to fail my SAT when something showed up in the search results – StudyPug.

I normally wouldn’t give sites like these a second look because I can’t afford subscriptions and my parents don’t think online help is beneficial. The only reason I stayed on is because of the free lessons. I clicked on one of them to check it out and well, I definitely wasn’t expecting video lessons.

It’s clever, really, how simple these are. It’s just a question, the steps to get there, and the answer. That’s it. All work is shown, the instructor doesn’t go off-topic, and these videos are short. Of course, there aren’t many free videos available, so I decided to click around and see how legitimate StudyPug is.

There is an outdated Facebook page, their Twitter is kind of up-to-date, but then I made a discovery – the YouTube channel. All the free lessons are organized into playlists there, including one for the SATs.

Exam Prepartion

This just showed me how much is available and how many more videos I can access. So I took the bait and signed up for a free trial.

SAT Prep Topic

All of this, for free. Each topic has videos and practice questions. If you get the right answer, there’s a pug in the corner that shouts encouragement. If you get it wrong, you’ll get a link to the video where you learned the concept from. There are a lot of links to get you where you’re supposed to be and I find it helpful, especially if I need a refresher on a topic but don’t know where it is. There’s a sitemap, but US topics aren’t listed for whatever reason. It’s interesting to note that there are lessons for curriculum’s from around the world, like Ireland, Australia, and Singapore.

There’s an app available, except it isn’t helpful to those without a subscription. All they have are the videos and not practice questions. If you access it through the Internet browser, it’s the same thing as the desktop version, just condensed.

I downloaded the app just because it was free. There was one time when I studied with a friend and we both didn’t know what was going on, so I brought up the app and played the relevant video, Interestingly, SAT prep isn’t on the app, so I just searched up the topic through the search bar.

Then, there’s the Internet browser version. I like this version more since there are practice questions and whenever I’m idle, I just open it up and start doing some math.

Eventually, my free trial expired and I thought, why not continue? This isn’t going to benefit me just for now, but for the rest of my education. There’s college math available, like stats, algebra, and calculus. I feel a lot more confident after practicing and watching the videos for my SATs and I highly recommend others to check it out and see their marks skyrocket.

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