The healthcare industry is widely spread and is growing exponentially generating tons of documents to be assessed by law firms and insurance companies. They face a lot of challenges in handling these records.

Medical record reorganization is one of the basic challenges, where hours are utilized just to sort the documents and arrange them in proper date sequence and document type per patient. Finding missing documents and incomplete records is another challenge they face while reorganizing the documents. A medical language expert or domain specialist is required while reviewing the documents to understand a few critical medical terminologies used in the reports.  All of these challenges cost a lot of manpower, and working hours and ultimately reflect on money and affect the processing of any claim. The firms require to hire more staff and need to have medical domain expertise.

Outsourcing these tasks can be a better solution to all of the above problems. The medical documents can be arranged in a proper customized sequence, bookmarked and can be ready for review. A detailed report generated on missing and incomplete or illegible documents can be along with organized documents that will help the law firms to contact the respective medical centres to provide the missing information with the help of this report. Well-organized documents help attorneys with easy navigation through the course of the patient’s treatment. This helps in reducing the claim processing time.

Medical record summarization is another outsourced service. Summarized medical data/records by a group of domain experts help lawyers and claim analysts to extract accurate and vital information from the given records reducing the efforts put in by attorneys and lawyers to generate reviews from complex handwritten documents or lengthy medical reports. Keyword capturing, disease-oriented summarization, and summarization of records from a particular period are some of the characteristics that are attracting law firms and claim companies to opt for this service.

Chronologically organized medical records, report type-based categorization, a systematic review of every record from prescriptions to complex anaesthesia reports and other customized comprehension styles help expedite the claim process through quick decision-making. Supporting litigation firms and claim companies by managing medical records provides a chance to focus on the core business. There is a significant reduction in manpower, infrastructure, and processing cost.

Medical record reorganization and summarization not only help the business growth but also assure the integrity of the data and assures fair judgment on the claim processing.

Benefits of Medical Record Summarization

  • Medical summarization and review services help in quick litigation processing
  • Ease of data access,
  • Technology-driven smart data storage
  • Environment-friendly and hassle-free services involving less paperwork
  • Effective EMR management
  • Instant query resolution and Better patient care
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Customized case reports, data validation and interpretation of complex data in a simple format.


A team of domain experts understands the specifications required and caters for the needs. Handling large volumes in a stipulated time and providing well-organized medical records has proved to be the keystone for more than 10 years of exponentially growing business associations with satisfied customers.

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