Replacing the traditional paper-ink signature process with an electronic signature software system for contracts, quotes, and other sales related work can be very beneficial to the business. We all have become quite accustomed to how competitive the B2B landscape is turning and how the customer’s attention span is getting more narrow with time. The various challenges that a sales department has to undergo at the end of the sales cycle are unavoidable, things like late approvals, delays in finishing paperwork, such as the print, fill, sign, and scan routine with numerous prospects in the pipeline, and more. A salesperson spending the maximum amount of time on administrative work gets less time to focus on the more important tasks, i.e., closing customer deals. Going paperless with online electronic signature software can be beneficial for sales departments of all sizes.

Are you worried about signature forgeries?

Signatures play a pivotal role in legal business transactions and signature forgery is a major threat to all businesses. Electronic signature software is the ultimate solution that can be used to prevent the risk of fraudulent activities and identify forgeries with higher accuracy and verify the validity of business transactions that involve the signing process. E-signature software integrates advanced techniques of signature verification for authenticating the online signatures.

Here we present a complete list of benefits that a business can achieve by using online electronic signature software:

Get Contracts Signed in Minutes

After your customers are convinced that your company product or service is the best one and can meet all their requirements, then signing the agreement or contract will only take a couple of minutes with the e-sign software. Your customers will receive an email regarding the contract. They can open the email from anywhere, such as desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. The person can sign the document and send it to the salesperson. An email will get triggered to the latter specifying that the contract has been signed by the purchaser. E-sign helps in managing time like filling documents, searching for lost documents, or tracking down a lost contract without the need to print, scan, or transfer documents.

Faster Revenue

Getting a contract signed by your client and all the related parties can be time-consuming. By implementing electronic signature software, your sales department can shorten the sales cycle. Closing deals become a hassle-free process as they are secured in the real-time and thus, the rate of revenue flows faster.


Make Your Customers Happy

By allowing your customers to sign the sales contract from their preferred devices, anywhere and anytime, you provide an effective and smooth experience for them. This is the reason, today many sales departments are switching to using the electronic signature software solution to enhance customer experience and close deals sooner.

Mobile Workforce

No matter where they are, at their desk or in the field, they can reach out to someone using a mobile device. A sales representative can respond to deal in progress enthusiastically through an electronic signature tool with a mobile application and view when a prospect is opening a document for the first time.

Improve Visibility and Reduce Legal Risks

Often the sales managers admit that the documents are either getting lost or misplaced even though all the documents are digitized and stored in the office systems. Thus, tracking documents turns difficult to determine the present status. An electronic signature software like SutiSign frees up the sales department from the burden by concluding the final step in a continuous digitized workflow, providing stronger evidence and eliminating any legal disputes.

Provide A Better Customer Experience

Your customers can sign the agreement immediately without having to go through the traditional and tedious paperwork process like printing copies of the agreement, putting their signatures, and again sending them back to the organization. The electronic signature solution is a satisfying thing for customers, and they can start using your product without any delays.

The Bottom Line

Following the traditional paper and pen method turns out to be a hurdle for the sales department and gets in their way of closing deals quickly. But switching to an electronic signature simplifies the final and most important step of the sales procedure secures the business transaction deals and allows achieving a better customer experience, thus helping your business to close more deals and gain revenues.


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