As much as coronavirus is unsettling, it is also an opportunity for technological advancement. It is amazing how much technology is leading the way in the districts affected by the virus. The autonomous robots used by offer a way for citizens in the affected areas to still receive necessary goods. The firm is also making arrangements to ready its fleet to make drone delivery of vital life-saving medical supplies. These efforts are still under testing, but it is hoped that will soon be able to provide some comfort to the residents and medical workers in the affected province. 

Richard Liu is also directing his team to look into other ways that can help to limit human to human contact in the areas afflicted by the virus but also provide life-saving supplies. This effort by Liu will help affected citizens and medical workers to retain some semblance of normalcy during this horrible outbreak. The virus has provided the businesses in China with the opportunity to step up and act to help the citizens of the nation. 

Richard Liu

The technology that has in place in its warehouses allows for round the clock automated work. The Spring Festival, one of the busiest times of year during the Chinese calendar, can also be one of the busiest times for online shopping in the country. Automated factories are now deemed to be the best way to deliver goods to the Chinese as this utilization will protect citizens and workers from the coronavirus. In warehouses that have previously processed 600,000 daily orders, the number has now grown to an average of 1 million daily orders for the period measured from January 24th to the 2nd of February.

The fact that is able to continue to deliver goods without affecting the health of its employees or its customers is a huge benefit to the community and the country as a whole during this troubling time. The virus has caused a number of different cities to go into “lock-down” which has limited the number of goods and services that are available to the residents in these areas.  Because offers such a wide range of goods, the ability of the company to continue deliveries is a game-changer. In recent years, a virus such as this one would have entire cities and towns completely isolated, but with the automated abilities that are now in place at, these communities are able to continue receiving necessary supplies and everyday provisions. 

Richard Liu and the senior leadership team at are working diligently to help China to weather the coronavirus storm. The company is also delivering fresh fruit and other essentials to the medical teams that are working to care for the citizens who have been exposed to the virus. This work is vital for the caregivers and in turn necessary for the ongoing care of those affected by the virus. During this troubling time, it is so wonderful to see companies like step up and do the work that will help the communities affected by the virus get through these troubling times. 

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