The internet is full of all sorts of information about how to make your home more secure. But what are some excellent ideas for making your home secure from intruders? Here are some tips that can help you protect your family and property.

1. Install high-quality locks

Start with a good quality deadbolt lock; many homes have only one simple doorknob style lock for their back door. These locks can easily be picked by burglars who know how to work them. In addition, many young children know how easy it is to determine these types of locks.

You must invest in high-security locks that require passkeys instead of keys from your local hardware store when you’re looking into protecting yourself against intruders. Use a professional-grade multi-point locking system on all entries.

Another option is to install a barn door privacy lock. This type of lock is for interior and exterior sliding barn doors, making it more difficult for people to pry the door open from the outside.

2. Install a security system

Basic alarms are relatively inexpensive, but more complex systems can include cameras and other tools to keep your home safe. You can also add a security sign to your yard to deter potential intruders and consider adding a surveillance system as well. These systems can be used to keep an eye on your property when you’re not home, and they can also provide footage of any attempted burglaries or break-ins so that you have evidence if you need to file a police report. This is especially important if you live in a high-crime area.

3. Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can also help make your home more secure. Install lights near all entrances to the house and in other areas where intruders might try to hide. You can also install floodlights that will turn on when someone approaches the house.

These lights can help you see who is trying to break in or steal from your property, and they can also scare away potential intruders.

4. Keep bushes trimmed

Bushes and trees provide cover for burglars, so keep them trimmed back so that there is no place for criminals to hide. This will make it easier for you to see anyone attempting to enter your home illegally.


5. Use motion sensors

Motion detectors can be placed on both the interior and exterior of your home to detect break-ins. It would be best to put a sign up saying that you have an alarm system so that people know not to try it out. This will scare away many potential criminals who might otherwise want to target your property.

If you happen to catch someone in one of these systems, call 911 immediately rather than going outside yourself. Let the police handle things from there while keeping yourself safe inside the house or even at a nearby location where they wouldn’t expect you.

6. Install a fence

A fence around your property can also help deter intruders. Make sure the fence is tall and difficult to climb and surrounds the entire property. This will make it more difficult for criminals to get onto your property undetected.

You can also consider installing security cameras along the fence line to further deter anyone from trying to break in.

7. Install window bars or film

Window bars can help prevent someone from breaking into your home through the window and gaining access. You can also install unique film on your windows that will make it difficult for anyone to see inside of them if they’re broken as well as alarm stickers or decals at eye level, so people know when they’ve been damaged. This can be an additional deterrent against criminals. Who might otherwise break in without realizing how much damage has been done until it’s too late.

Keep windows locked when possible, or use window coverings that block people from looking into them without being obvious.

8. Be aware of your surroundings

The best way to protect your home is to be aware of what is happening around it at all times. If you see someone trying to break into a neighbor’s house, call the police immediately instead of waiting to see if they will leave.

These are only a couple of good ideas for making your home more secure. You can find many other tips and suggestions on the internet or by asking an expert in personal security systems.

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