Various situations can be recovered using apostilled documents. Globalization is allowing people to do business, relocate, and study in other countries. All these situations require getting the appropriate documents apostilled. The process involves money and it has attracted con artists to take advantage of gullible people looking forward to having their documents apostilled. With a range of apostille agencies advertised online, it pays to be diligent.

How to tell you are dealing with a fake apostille agency

Taking long time to deliver

Usually, the apostillation agency will ask you to send your documents to them by mail. This allows them to apologize and send them back to you. However, you should get worried when the agency takes a long time to deliver on its promise. The chances are high that the agency has fleeced you. You might end up waiting for your documents to be mailed back until you give up out of frustration. There is a likelihood of never getting back your important documents and the money you paid for the agency. Worst of all, it would be very hard to search for a company that might only exist online.

Documents with a fake apostille

Look out for the documents after oscillation. Some dubious companies might put a fake apostille seal on your documents. You might not realize this until you submit the documents to authorities who know better about apostille seals. Perhaps you submitted the documents to foreign authorities. You are likely to have a lot of explaining to do. Additionally, you will have to deal with the inconveniences and embarrassment of entrusting your important documents with a fake apostille agency.

Short process

It is possible to handle the apostille process yourself, but it takes time and effort to visit the various offices. Therefore, the most significant benefit of professional apostille documents in India is the time-saving feature. However, even the professional process takes some time. You are given a tracking code to keep up with the progress of your documents.

Be worried when the apostille agency promises to handle the process with a few wire transfers. This is a red flag that the agency is not genuine. You are likely to get your documents back with a fake apostille stamp. Con agencies promise to handle the process of getting your documents apostilled in a shorter period of time to lure desperate customers. However much you want your documents apostilled urgently, the process takes some time, and shortcuts are not possible.

Avoid entrusting your documents with a fake agency

fake agency

Check company’s years of operation

Before mailing your documents to an apostille agency, check the years it has been operating. You can check the age of the agency website and registered names. Alternatively, check online for some recommendations and reviews from people who have benefited from their services. This will give you first-hand information on what to expect when you entrust the agency with your important documents.

The legitimacy of the agency website

Another way to verify an apostille agency before entrusting them with your documents is by checking the authenticity of their website. The spelling of their Universal Resource Locator (URL) should not be similar to that of another big agency. Any resemblance is a red flag that the website owners are trying to hoodwink customers into believing that they are dealing with the bigger company.

Payment options

Any website owner can include payment options on their website. However, taking a closer look can help tell that you are about to deal with a fake agency. Professional companies don’t direct people to send payments to personal accounts. The chances of tracing such individuals after sending payment are minimal.

Company email

Finally, you can also tell whether you are dealing with a professional apostille agency or not by taking a closer look at their contact email. Professional agencies don’t include Gmail addresses as official contact emails. This is a red flag of non-professionalism. Companies that care about their reputation use emails attached to their company website. This gives customers peace of mind that they are sending emails to people professionally attached to the company.

It pays to be very vigilant before working with any document apostille agency. This will help you avoid falling into the hands of a quick agency that won’t handle the documents as you expected. Due diligence will help you work with a professional agency that will handle your documents in the most appropriate way. A professional agency will guarantee documents approved by all authorities.

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Apostillation of documents is required for various situations. This requires finding a professional agency to handle the process. With many agencies promising the same service online, you have to be vigilant to avoid entrusting your important documents to a quick agency. A professional agency will track the progress of the process to ensure that your documents end up with a genuine apostille stamp.

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