Money is important and it does not matter if your project is solidary, you need financing. You have a great idea to organize a charity event, but you need economic support that gives you consistency, or you want to raise funds for your charitable projects, right?

1. Raffles, raffles, and auctions

Raffles and raffles are an option that never fails to raise money for charity. You can use your own product or get another company to give you a donation so that you can use it in the activity.

You can draw an infinite variety of products, records, music or theater tickets, art objects, collector’s items … Or even offer the chance to meet your favorite artist. Think about it and offer the perfect prize for your donors.

2. Crowdfunding

The Crowdfunding is a tool that in recent years has given life to thousands of interesting projects. It consists of the collective financing of a project with the financial contribution of different users through the Internet.

There are many platforms that facilitate this type of financing, so to choose one, you must first be clear about your needs.

3. Merchandising

The merchandising allows you to promote and raise money for charity with the same action. You can sell badges, cloth bags, shirts; stickers … Choose whether to do it online or in a charity event that you organize. And remember: you are raising money for your charity project and spreading your brand among donors who take one of your products.

4. Donation

We all have at home thousands of things that we no longer use and that are occupying space. Why not get rid of them and invest in NGO or charity project?

Organizing a solidarity market will attract people committed to your charitable cause and passionate second-hand markets, and both groups will contribute funds that go directly to your charity project.

5. Organize a waste recycling campaign

Paper, plastic caps, glass, cans … all these materials that we discard day after day can make a difference in the financing of your charity project. Encourage everyone to recycle! All that material can be sold to recycling companies and give a little boost to your collection.

raise money for charity

6. Solidarity tournaments

Organize a sports tournament to raise funds. For example, running is fashionable, so why not organize a charity race? You can collect the registration fee for the participants as a donation for your cause, and also many anonymous people will give visibility to your initiative.

7. Organize a competition

You can organize a competition of whatever: it can be pastry or costume design. Ask someone to donate the prizes and collect all the tickets (money to be collected). This event can raise more funds if you are looking for a way to have local celebrities as a jury.

8. Organize a carnival

If you can contact the municipality and pay a certain amount of money, you can organize a carnival in a park or on the street. However, you can also contact a church or other large community building to donate your space, if they also believe in your cause. Collect a small ticket for the event and ask community members to organize small games, so that all the money raised goes to the charitable cause. If you can, ask a band to donate their time. Also try to have food for sale, from small vendors or wheelbarrows. You can also go to the local shops to donate food and so the people of the community go to the event.

9. Wrap presents at Christmas

To raise funds, you can also offer to wrap gifts during the Christmas season. It only charges a certain amount for each gift. Ask at a local department store if they allow you to offer your services in your store.

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