You might have the best tips to protect and maintain your leather furniture from natural wear and tear. However, what can do about protecting it from pets? We know how much you love your pets, but that should not stop you from buying Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture. We are here to list you ways on how you can maintain the furniture even when you have pets.

One great fact about good leather furniture is that they are resistant to liquid. This is not same with fabric furniture. The leather future is previous to scratches, but you must take preventive measures so that it doesn’t damage.

protect your leather furniture from pets

Ways to protect pets from leather furniture

 Following ways will help you keep your pets away from leather furniture:

1. Pet Couch

Pet Couch

A great idea to keep your pets away from the expensive furniture is to create an alternative resting place for them. You can introduce them to:

  • Pet bed
  • Soft blanket
  • Scratching post
  • Crate with soft bedding

If you can train your pet animal to accept these options, they might not need the comfort of the leather furniture. Moreover, animals like their personal space, so they will be happy to have their own place

2. Scent deterrent

You might be thinking that the process is not as easy as it seems. It gets more difficult when the animals are young and refuse to be trained. You can try using scent deterrent in such cases. Most animals don’t like the bitter smell. If you spray the liquid on your furniture, you can keep them away from the couch.

3. Training the pet

Training the pet

We assume you will not like taking up harsh ways to keep your pet away from the furniture. However, you might have to do it at times. You can command your pet to listen to what you say, but if they don’t, you can sprinkle some water on them and tell them what you want them to do. After a couple of attempts, they will obey you. We advise you to talk to a vet before you take up such methods to train your pet so that you don’t hurt it emotionally.

Other methods to protect leather are:

If the above-mentioned processes don’t work or you couldn’t take them up for some reason, we have some more options for you. You can use a blanket on top of the leather furniture and allow your pet to use the furniture (if at all). You need to be sure that it is being supervised and they don’t turn to scratching. Using blankets can help you cuddle your pet and sleep, so you can have the ideal family time.

Many leather furniture comes with pet protecting cover that helps you allow the pet to be around the furniture. This is like an extra coat that doesn’t only protect the furniture from pets but also maintains the product and increases longevity.

You might not find the extra coating available for every product. You just need to have some creative idea to design or get a company design the outer coat. Make sure that the coat doesn’t mean you don’t need to follow the other forms of maintaining the product. For example, you still need leather cleaning, coat changing, sewing repairs, and other requirements that come with aging furniture.

Just make sure that you are well aware of every step you take because both your pet and the expensive furniture will be important to you. Make sure you are completely satisfied with your decision and your pet is happy with it too.

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