If you have a home renovation project, are clearing out a house or business premises, or are just doing a major clean-out and decluttering session, you’re probably going to need a skip to dispose of all the waste and rubbish. However, skip hire can be surprisingly expensive, especially if you want a decent-sized skip delivered quickly without any fuss.

The good news is that there are ways to get cheap skip hire yet still efficient skip hire, like Skip Bin Finder so you can get the capacity you need, have the skip delivered on time, and not pay over the odds. Here are our top tips:

Compare Prices

The first thing to do is thoroughly compare prices from national and local skip-hire companies. Prices can vary tremendously, so it pays to get quotes. Look at the cost of different skip sizes, as sometimes upgrading to the next size works out more affordable if you’re likely to fill the skip. Also factor in additional charges like drop-off, collection, rental days, weight limits, etc. 

While cost is important, also check reviews and reputation so you choose a reliable company. The cheapest often aren’t the best. Try to find a good compromise between affordability and service quality.

Book Well in Advance

If your skip hire isn’t needed immediately, booking even just a few days or, ideally, weeks in advance can lead to major savings. Companies often discount quieter days during the week and off-peak seasons. Avoid placing last-minute orders for the coming weekend when demand rockets. Planning pays off.

Share with Neighbors  

If you have neighbors or friends also doing renovation or clean-out projects, consider sharing the cost and skipping the rental. Some items, like construction debris, yard waste, appliances, etc., take up a lot of space, so pooling them together means you can fill a large skip quickly and share costs. Just coordinate drop-off and collection logistics. 

Negotiate Discounts

Before confirming a booking, don’t be shy about asking skip companies if they have any special offers or can provide a discount. Especially in quieter months, many are open to negotiating pricing for regular customers or bigger jobs, so you could save 10-15%. Show you’ve shopped around for quotes and see if they can sweeten their deal.

Choose Non-Peak Periods  

In addition to booking ahead, only have your skip delivered and collected on regular weekdays during typical business hours. Skip companies charge huge premiums for out-of-hours, overnight, same-day, and weekend deliveries and pick-ups because of staff overtime costs. Manage the timing to reduce fees.

Optimize Loading 

Carefully plan what you’ll put in the skip and try to fill it evenly so no space is wasted. Stack and arrange heavier debris at the bottom with lighter items on top to maximize capacity. Take the time to break, dismantle, or flatten bulky items like furniture so they take up less room. Loading efficiently means you might even be able to downsize the skip rental.

DIY Delivery

If you have a suitable vehicle and trailer, look at whether DIY skip delivery and collection could work out cheaper than paying the hire company’s delivery fees, especially if they charge per mile. Of course, this depends on proximity to your local depot and convenience. But for short distances, it’s worth calculating.

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