Proper maintenance of your HVAC is important if it is to serve you longer. Cleaning air ducts is a way of you adding life to your HVAC. The ducts often get filled with dust, hair and other particles that spread around the home when the machine is in use. Fortunately, cleaning air ducts is a simple task that you can do regularly to remove debris and other unwanted particles.

Steps of Cleaning HVAC Air Ducts

Although cleaning the air ducts on your own may not go as deep as a commercial cleaning service, it is still essential to do it regularly. In most cases, all you need are the right tools and a guide on cleaning the specific HVAC model in your home. In general, cleaning the HVAC’s air ducts by yourself is possible, if you want to save on costs and still enjoy excellent air quality. Here are some steps to follow when cleaning air ducts.

Get the Right Equipment

Using the right tools to clean HVAC air ducts yourself goes a long way in ensuring the final results are satisfactory. Some of the critical tools used for cleaning include a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, a brush with stiff bristles, a screwdriver to remove fasteners and a lot of paper towels.

Cover the Registers

The registers that supply warm air in the home need to be covered to avoid dislodged dirt from spreading while cleaning. Ensure the registers are well covered using paper towels, which can be removed after cleaning. Covering the registers ensures that dust does not accumulate on them requiring extra cleaning later on.

Keep the Fan Running

Clean Your Air Ducts

As you loosen the dust from the air ducts using the brush, you need the fan to keep the dust moving and not settle in the room. The fan should be on throughout the cleaning session but with the heating or cooling mode off.

Clean the Ventilation Duct Supply

Loosening the dust in the ducts often results in a lot of deposits being released and settling around the HVAC. It is crucial to also remove dust from the supply registers using the vacuum so that no debris is left behind. If you have an air register, ensure that you return it after sweeping and ensure that it has been fastened appropriately.

Advantages of Regular Duct Cleaning

Cleaning air ducts should be done every month so that they can circulate air from the HVAC as expected. Some of the benefits of regular cleaning are listed here below:

  • A cleaner living space is one of the main benefits of duct cleaning, especially when it has been done thoroughly.  Placing the HVAC correctly in the home makes it easier to clean it regularly and maintain a dust-free environment.
  • Regular duct cleaning promotes healthy living. The elimination of dust and other harmful contaminants reduce irritants and allergens in the air.
  • Clean air ducts allow the HVAC to operate efficiently and provide a cost-effective performance.
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