You need more than an ordinary business attorney to help you with trademark issues. You’ll need an intellectual property or a dedicated trademark attorney, one who is competent to ensure your trademark registration or dispute goes through to a successful accomplishment. Here are some ways to help you find the best trademark attorney.

Pick an educated and licensed attorney

Hiring an educated and licensed trademark attorney is the easiest way of getting the right one. It is easy to meet with non-legal professionals giving such services and being tricked into thinking they can help. According to a trademark attorney in St.Louis, you should avoid hiring these kinds of people, as they are not professionals. Hiring non-professionals may seem cheap but it can end up costing you more in the long run. The attorney will have a strong understanding of trademark laws and can do extensive trademark searches to ensure your application is not rejected for obvious technicalities. It is important to find out where the attorney you hire has completed an accredited law degree program.

Check for an experienced attorney

It is important to hire an experienced attorney for your trademark and one with know-how in trademark law. As much as degrees are important, experience is also significant. You can do this by asking the attorney himself/herself about their level of experience with trademark law.  An experienced trademark attorney is familiar with the popular errors and pitfalls associated with the registration process of the trademark. The attorney will be able to check your trademark application and identify errors that you missed. Do not forget to check the industries the attorney is popular with and how successful they have been with a previous registration of preceding trademarks. An experienced attorney with the registration of trademarks in a field similar to yours will be in a good position to describe your service or product in the trademark application.

Referrals from other small business owners and bar associations

Fellow business owners are always the best route to a competent lawyer. Ask them for contacts of an attorney who has made successful trademark registration of another business or handled another trademark problem and make appointments. Bar associations like local and state bar associations have attorney referral services where you can find attorneys practicing in particular areas. These include both phone numbers and online directories that you can call to get referrals to a trademark lawyer.


Business Conferences and online legal services

Business attorneys are always invited to speak in business conferences. If you attend a talk on trademarks or intellectual property issues and mingle with a trademark attorney during a meet and greet, you can get their card and make an appointment for later consultation. One can also check in for legal services that are in line with a trademark attorney near them online, as some will offer legal help on trademark concerns for a low and fixed price. These online services have made it much easier to find affordable legal help for every part of your business, trademark included. All you need to do is confirm the attorney’s license and reviews from previous clients before they start representing you.

Determine the Number of Trademark Registrations They Have Done for Clients

While there are numerous talented attorneys, not all of them are experienced in trademark registrations. Even some trademark attorneys who have handled matters of trademark registration have adequate experience and practical knowledge of the procedures required by the USPTO to help them effectively help clients with their trademark registrations. By establishing the number of trademark registrations they have done successfully, you will be increasing your chances for success when it is time to register your own trademark. The more trademark registrations they have done the better the law firm or attorney.

Look at Their Fee

While often ignored, this is another major trademark issue to look out for. The fee you are going to pay should be one of the most important things to look out for, as you don’t have to break the bank just to register a trademark. It would not make much sense to hire a very expensive attorney and pay hefty fees while you can get the same done for a reasonable amount. Find out whether they are billing per hour and any other associated fees you may have to pay them to complete the trademark registration process. Your preferred trademark attorney should also be able to ensure that none of your trademarks is being infringed upon once you’ve registered with them.

It is a belief that hiring an attorney is expensive. However, on most occasions, it is costly not to hire one. Ensure you choose an attorney who is willing to work with you. It is important to choose someone who will not only get a trademark for you but assess different possibilities that you have and give you recommendations that are appropriate for your business.

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