You will be making a lot of aftermaths during the time-frame of your career as a professional pilot. One of the most critical decisions will be where you’ll choose to do your flight training. There are thousands of flight schools around the globe for your options, and for someone new to the industry, taking the right option can get difficult. To select the right school and course package for your Is-bao part 91 training, we’re here to help. Below are the 5 key factors to consider while selecting a flight school.

Check expenses

There are numerous choices when it comes to varieties of flight training and how you wish to pay for it. Cost varies with modular or integrated flight training. Generally, integrated training will be more costly, as it includes degree or diploma courses, and flight training elements of the program. A modular training will be more cost-effective as it only offers flight training and ground school. It works out better if you already possess post-secondary certificates, or if you are going for an aviation career where your flight training or will be sufficient.

Flight Training

Be keen about location

The place you choose for your training is one of the most crucial criteria when you are looking for your Is-bao part 91 training options. Location can influence such expenses as accommodation, part-time work possibilities, and distance from your house. Choosing an abroad location will let you gain the experience of foreign cultures and their living, but possibly you’ll need to reclaim your license depending on the place you want to work.

Find training, rating, and endorsement in a single location

The requirements of a recreational and a professional pilot are very different. While recreational pilots may find everything they need from a small flying school with a C152 aircraft, if you want a career as a professional pilot, you need to look for a school that can give all the necessary training in one place. While looking at training websites or visiting the schools, look for such training facilities that can offer  PPL, CPL, multi-engine ratings, seaplane rating, night rating, and instrument rating.

Look for safety procedures

The reputation and safety record of a flight school may be the two most valuable chunks of information you should consider while selecting where to complete your flight training. Do visit potential schools and go for a building tour. Doing this you’ll have a good overall sense of the system, you can ask some specific questions regarding safety records of the school, their defect reporting system, where and how their aircraft are maintained, etc.


While looking at training for pursuing a career as a professional pilot, you’ll be making an important investment of your money, time, and future. Any school that recognizes your needs will be happy to assist you throughout your training and will always be upfront to answer tough questions.

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