Are you looking for a job that provides plenty of flexibility and job security? If the answer is yes, you are in luck because consumer services are booming in this day and age. There are so many different industries one could potentially specialize in order to best place oneself for success. From hospitality to healthcare to retail and so much more, there are a lot of options open to you if you want a career that won’t make your blood pressure rise too quickly!

In this guide, you will discover a number of different ways to find a job in consumer services. You’ll learn about some of the most popular roles and what they entail.

What is the field of Consumer Services?

The term consumer service refers to the services offered to consumers by a business. Some examples of these include technical support and product purchases or returns. Consumer services are often crucial in improving the customer experience, especially if they are designed to make the service more convenient for users.

Many companies provide excellent consumer services to set themselves apart from the competition and keep customers happy. When it comes to finding a position in the consumer service industry, there are a lot of opportunities available.

What are the common types of Consumer Services?

There are various types of consumer services. This section will look at the categories that fall under consumer services.

Retail businesses

Many businesses are dedicated to selling products and services directly to end customers. Grocery stores, departmental stores, and other specialty stores are the best examples of retail businesses.

Healthcare businesses

Healthcare services can take many different forms. For example, hospitals specialize in treating people’s illnesses while the private practice of medical professionals is sometimes more focused on general wellbeing.

Food and beverage businesses

Food and beverage businesses provide food and drinks for their customers, not only in restaurants but also at offices as caterers. Restaurants, cafes, and bars are the most popular kinds of Food and Beverage enterprises.

Transportation businesses

This business is all about getting people from one place to another, using the most effective and affordable means possible. There are many modes of transportation like air, land, and water travel. Cruises, buses, trains, and airlines all fall under the umbrella of transportation services.

Technology support businesses

The technology support business is another form of consumer service. These specialized companies and businesses could exist to help you fix issues related to your smartphone, desktop computer, or other devices and equipment.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services?

The number of jobs available in consumer services has grown tremendously over the past few years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities in the consumer services sector have increased by 12% since 2010. In fact, the BLS predicts that employment in this area will increase even further by an average of 3% per year until 2021.

As we mentioned earlier, there are many different types of consumer services. The following sections will go into detail about some of the most popular ones.

Technical Support-

One of the most common types of consumer services is technical support. Technical support helps consumers resolve problems with computers, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. It is a great job because it allows you to help others solve their own problems.

Product Purchases/Returns-

Another type of consumer service is product purchases and returns. People buy products every day and then return them when they don’t work out. Companies offer this service so that they can get rid of unwanted items and save money.

Customer Service-

Another important part of the consumer services industry is customer service. Customer service includes things like answering questions, providing information, and helping people find what they need.

Consumer Services Job Description:

A consumer services job description usually involves interacting with clients and customers. You may be required to answer calls, send emails, or visit homes to repair appliances. Your responsibilities might include troubleshooting computer issues, fixing broken furniture, or repairing electronics.

Consumer Services Career Paths:

There are several career paths that lead to a position in the consumer services field. Some of these careers include:

Sales Representative

You sell products and services to your clients. This job requires excellent communication skills and a strong ability to persuade people to purchase your goods and services.

Clerical Worker-

If you enjoy working on paper, you may want to consider becoming a clerical worker. Clerks perform administrative tasks such as filing papers, typing documents, and organizing files. They often work in offices and retail stores.

Computer Technician-

If you love technology, you may want to become a computer technician. Computer technicians diagnose and repair computers and other electronic equipment.

Financial Advisor-

Many financial advisors provide advice to individuals and companies. Financial advisors advise their clients on how to invest their money and make smart decisions regarding their finances.

Home Health Aide-

If you enjoy caring for others, you may want to look at home health aide jobs. Home health aides care for elderly patients who live alone. They also assist patients with personal hygiene and mobility.


If you enjoy taking care of children or pets, you may want to think about becoming a caregiver. Caregivers take care of sick or disabled family members or friends.

What do consumer services jobs pay?

If you’re in the market for a customer services position, you need to know what you can expect from these roles and the continually growing demand for them. On average, Americans working in a customer service capacity earn $30,000 annually, which is higher than the national average for other jobs.

Is Customer Service and Consumer Service the same?

The customer is the one who is purchasing the goods. The consumer is the one who is the end user of any goods or services. Consumers are unable to resell any product or service. Customers need to purchase a product or service in order to use it. Although interchangeably used in the common context, they are not the same.

Is consumer services a good career path?

Before going through the best-paying jobs in consumer services, let’s see if consumer services is a good career path, or not. Many people believe that the best way to ensure your future success is to have a diverse skill set. A background in consumer service from multiple industries can make you a sought-after candidate for employment, particularly when you are seeking to advance in your field as a professional. You can always transfer your business loyalty from one job position to another if you build up a strong working relationships with your managers and colleagues while consistently exhibiting excellent work ethic. Many companies prefer to hire experts who can embody their business ethos in all facets of their work, which means having professional customer service skills at all times.

Is finance consumer services a good career path?

Customer service jobs in the financial industry can be taxing. They can be rewarding too! The opportunities that are available to people who are working in the banking and consumer services sector range from working in a bank to working in the public sector or within insurance or securities, investments, and related industries. Because of this, if you want to know whether or not the banking & consumer services industry has the potential to be a rewarding career path, I’d say yes. There are numerous reasons why a career in financial consumer services is a wise choice.
Consumers and small business owners alike can benefit from the personal financial guidance provided by financial advisors; however, it is important to make sure that you have an advisor who is qualified and knowledgeable in your particular field of interest.
One of the advantages is that you’ll be able to speak with your clients directly and discover more about their needs.
In addition, you’ll be able to examine your consumers’ behavior, collect their feedback, and understand more about the current market needs.

High Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services:

The financial industry is a booming market – in fact, it’s the third largest consumer spending area of spending after expenditures for housing and health care. This means that many different kinds of jobs are available that can benefit from its popularity.
1. Personal Financial Advisor.
2. Accountant.
3. Investment Banker.
4. Personal Finacial Advisor.
5. Loan Officer.


If you’re interested in working directly with customers and enjoy managing big projects, a job as a help-desk agent might just be the right fit for you. Plus, with millions of jobs available in this field worldwide, you’ll always have excellent job security and opportunities for growth. When you’re considering a career in consumer services, don’t forget to think long-term.

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