We used to see in Sci-fi movies that there would be a dystopian world that would be ruled by robots. However, with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (or AI) in technology, that seems like it is becoming a reality. Artificial Intelligence incorporates the idea of computers and robots doing our tasks for us. Computers are programmed in such a way that they work quite similarly to a human brain, but not completely like the human mind.

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Here are some ways AI is affecting art and artists. What could possibly be the future of artists now that we have Artificial Intelligence?

Software such as Midjourney and what it does


There have been creative software such as Midjourney and Lensa that have made it possible to create digital art through Artificial Intelligence. This has completely minimalized the need for human efforts. All you have to do is type in commands as keywords and you leave the rest to the Artificial Intelligence. It can create absolutely anything that you would tell it to do.

There is also other software that has taken the world by storm, for instance, there is software for music that allows you to create music simply by telling the software what you want it to do.

What did Artists do before Artificial Intelligence was Introduced?

Before Artificial Intelligence was introduced, there was a lot of creative space that was provided to artists. They worked their magic with other software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and so on. This actually allowed artists to test their skills and their creativity and people could actually appreciate their work since it was made entirely by themselves.

Soon enough, Artificial Intelligence was also incorporated into this software not to replace human effort, but rather to help out humans to make their work faster, for instance, the content-aware tool in Adobe Photoshop made it possible to make selections while editing without having to make those selections manually. This sped up work for artists and also gave more conciseness to their work by making sure that the work was precise. This gave a lot more definition to photo editing and photo editors brushed up on their skills so that they could improve drastically.

What does the Future look like for Artists?

At this point, it would be very hard to say what the future holds for artists because it is hard to determine how far Artificial Intelligence could go when it comes to editing and creating digital art. Right now we can see that the possibilities are endless and a lot could be achieved once we incorporate Artificial Intelligence into our work. The process is now easier in the sense that you could imagine something and take the main keywords out of the idea. You could also mention angles, the type of lighting, and the other conditions that you wish to cater to and you enter them into the software. The rest you leave to the software and it will make sure to create exactly what you tell it to create.

However, it should also be kept into account that Artificial Intelligence is after all just something that originates from a computer and something that relates entirely to programming and algorithms. Therefore, it is not possible for a computer to completely mimic how the human mind works. The human mind will always be superior to computers but after all, it is the mind that is creating the idea in the first place. The computer would not be able to create ideas by itself unless there is a driving force behind it.

Would the World Entirely Shift to Artificial Intelligence

The answer to this depends entirely on preference, would people in the future prefer art or would they prefer ease? If they are more inclined towards art and skills then they would definitely want to stick to human efforts and software such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro. However, if we continue to stick to Artificial Intelligence, then we would see apps such as Lensa flourishing even more.

Wrapping Up

Coming back to the main question, how is Artificial Intelligence affecting the world of art? Well, it is affecting it both negatively and positively. In the negative sense, it strips artists of the opportunity of showcasing their art and skills. On a positive note, it also reduces time and makes art more efficient. In the end, it depends on how you take it to be.

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