Secretarial positions such as office executives or desk receptionists play a key part in business, with companies depending heavily on these roles to keep their operations running smoothly.

Front office receptionists often act as the face of their offices as they are the first interaction visitors or prospective clients have with the company. As a front receptionist, you are able to interact with hundreds of different people and become the primary source of contact for most business transactions.

The job of a front office receptionist can be financially rewarding, however, it does bring with it some challenges as you are expected to think on your feet a lot of the time. You will acquire many attributes such as organizational and multi-tasking skills to run the front desk successfully. If you aspire to become a front office receptionist, read this blog which lists several professional qualities that are required for this profession.

Skills required to become a front office receptionist

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Here are the main professional attributes which are required for the job of front office receptionist.

  • Communication:

As you will be the first point of contact for visitors, excellent communication skills are a must. You should also develop good listening skills in order to avoid any miscommunication.

  • Multitasking:

As a receptionist, you might have to juggle many responsibilities at the same time such as maintaining log sheets, issuing visitor passes, greeting guests and monitoring the security feed. You should, therefore, have the capability of tackling multiple tasks successfully.

  • Prioritising:

While dealing with multiple tasks that are coming through at the same time, receptionists are expected to recognize the most pressing requests and prioritise these first. The ability to prioritise jobs on your own and keep a level head is imperative for any receptionist.

  • Organisation:

As a receptionist, organizational skills should be your forte. A successful receptionist should be able to find files at a moment’s notice, have a tidy work area and produce visitor logs that are months old. Good organisational skills not only save you a lot of time but can also build a solid foundation for managerial skills in your later career.

  • Technical skills:

Technology is now used for every aspect of operations such as security and client engagement. You will, therefore, be required to be trained in operating computers, printers, copier machines, and phone systems. Possessing additional skills such as Microsoft office or industry-specific software will provide you with an added advantage in being organized.

  • Interpersonal skills:

Since front office receptionists are required to interact with all guests and potential clients, good interpersonal skills are crucial. These soft skills can also help you effectively manage relationships between colleagues and help you maintain a professional relationship with all the employees.

Developing the aforementioned skills will show that you are capable of handling any kind of problem or issue. The role of a front office receptionist can also teach you several management skills and act as a stepping stone for a managerial career.

The easiest way to approach this domain is to pursue a course in front of office management. You can improve your career with a diploma in front office management or use the degree as a foundation for an MBA.

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