What is it?- DATA SCIENCE

Data science is an interdisciplinary field in which useful information is drawn from a huge quantity of data and is used for solving various types of real-world problems, especially for business purposes. Being a multifaceted field, it requires a wide set of skills like programming, data inference along with a sound knowledge of statistics, analytics and business acumen.

With large sets of data being generated each second, data science has become highly important. By doing a data science course, you can acquire the knowledge required for making a career in this field. A data science course targets the following necessary areas of skills:

1. Analytics –


This refers to analyzing data and making decisions based on the information derived from data mining. A data scientist uses raw data to develop a predictive algorithm which is used for business for various companies. For example, Flipkart uses data analysis to determine the various shopping trends of its customers, thereby modifying its services for optimum sales.

2. Machine learning –

Machine learning

The term ‘machine learning’ is used for describing a broad set of methods that revolve around data modelling for performing these functions-

3. Making predictions –

This is basically using tagged data to develop predictive models. This involves using the already known data points to predict the unknown data points. The methods used for this type of application of machine learning range from basic regressions to complex neural nets.

4. Pattern discovery –

Machine learning for pattern discovery involves inferring the underlying patterns in data without any known ground data. The common methods include principal component analysis, hidden Markov models, topic models, etc.

5. Mathematical expertise –

Mathematical expertise

The very foundation of data science is the ability to comprehend the data from a qualitative perspective. Various characteristics like dimensions, textures, and correlations can be represented in the form of mathematical expressions. The key to many real-world problems is often hidden beneath hard mathematics. The two branches of statistics viz. Classical statistics are important, but the mere knowledge of statistics is not enough. Linear algebra also plays an integral role in some problem-solving techniques like SVD.

6. Technology and hacking –

Technology and hacking

Here, hacking essentially doesn’t refer to the unethical hacking like most of the people understand. Actually, here, hacking helps in dealing cleverly and wisely with huge, sophisticated sets of data which otherwise can’t even be thought of. Data scientists require a firm grasp over core programming languages like SQL, Python, R, SAS, Java, Julia, Scala, etc.

7. Business insight –

Most of the data science applications directly or indirectly boil down to business only. Companies hire data scientists for analyzing their collected data to find out various ways to improve their profit and the services they provide to their customers. So, the importance of business acumen is no less than that of hacking, mathematics or analytics.

Courses available on data science

Many institutions in India offer courses on data science, though it may be known as business analytics. Moreover, there are also many certified online courses offered by learning platforms like edx, Coursera, etc.   You can join 360DigiTMG for a data science tutorial to gain knowledge.

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