Give an original touch to your mobile with a custom casing. Some elements such as nail polish, tacks, washi tape or markers can turn the protector of your smartphone into an original and unique design. According to an online store Zepper, Creating a back cover for your phone is always fun than buying it from the market. While creating a phone case, you are letting your imagination to grow and shine.

1. Casing with tacks

Casing with tacks

One way to give a special touch to your mobile phone case is with tacks. To make this craft you need to have a single colour protector. The rest of the materials that you need are tacks (make sure they are flat on the back), glue, pencil, and ruler. Before sticking anything on the mobile phone case it is better to draw with a pencil the figure you want to create. Then you just have to stick the tacks one by one until you get the desired shape.

2. Custom rainbow casing

Custom rainbow casing

A fun idea to make a custom casing is to create a rainbow of colours. Take all the buttons you have at home and sorted by colour. Discard the largest since they will take up too much space. With a strong fixing glue, make lines carefully so that it does not spill over the edges of the shell and stick the buttons in the order of the colours of the rainbow. Once you have all fixed and dried, give it matt sealer to get an extra layer of protection.

3. Rain of confetti

Rain of confetti

There is no easier way to have a mobile with a custom casing than by putting nail polish drops. To make sure that the points are small, use a toothpick. Take a different one for each color. The end result will be a rain of confetti in many colours.

4. With washi tape

Another very simple way to give a different life to the case of your mobile is with different colours of adhesive tape. To make this design, first mark the lines you want to draw with a pencil on the mobile phone case. Begin to place the paper leaving the leftovers to the edges that we will cut. Once you have the figure assesses the possibility of giving a layer of matt sealant or leave it as it is and, once it is deteriorating, remove the washi tape easily and redo your custom casing.

5. In two colors

two colours

If you want your mobile phone case to have your favorite colors, you just have to use acrylic paint that you can apply with small brushes on the inside of a transparent case. Leave some transparent area by putting an adhesive tape so that the paint does not pass from one side to the other.

6. With drawings

With drawings

Among the possibilities you have to make a custom casing is to make your own drawings. You only need markers suitable for plastic. In this case, the idea is to make a very summer cover with drawings of watermelon.

You can always make your own imagination and creativity and put them in your project of creating awesome phone cases If you have any creative ideas like this. Do not forget to share with us.

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