Besides providing an impressive assortment of learning facilities, which is why it’s known as the Oxford of the East, Pune also offers various fun and exciting outdoor activities. Proof to this is the availability of many sprawling parks and exciting music and cultural festivals.

Being near stunning beaches is another thing that residents and local and international tourists absolutely love about this second largest city in Maharashtra. Because of the many endeavors under the sun that one may partake in, many beauty-conscious individuals are constantly looking for remedies for various hair-related issues.

While some want solutions to hair thinning and balding, others hunt for ways to eliminate excess facial and body hair that can wreak havoc on their appearance and self-esteem.

This is when stepping foot inside the office of a laser hair specialist in Pune becomes a fantastic idea.

With the help of an expert armed with a hand-held machine that emits concentrated light beams regulated to safe levels, hair in places that should be smooth and hairless can be dealt with effectively.

Usually, experts offering treatments for hair loss and thinning are also providing solutions for too much hair. Considering laser hair removal is highly recommended if you want to end your recurring bout of pesky facial and body hair for good.

Compared to different home remedies and at-home solutions for unwanted hair, this treatment is capable of providing dramatic results that you can enjoy for a long time. In some instances, the effects can be enjoyed for life!

Permanent Effects

One of the main reasons why laser hair removal is appealing to many beauty-conscious individuals is that it’s known to yield permanent results. The FDA approved laser hair removal back in the mid-1990s for permanent hair reduction. So, in other words, the treatment can reduce the number of hair for good, not completely remove them.

Despite this, many of those who have completed all laser hair treatment sessions swear they do not experience any hair regrowths. On the other hand, those who do say that the regrowths are colorless and soft, which means that they are practically unnoticeable.

Hair Specialist

Treatments involve paying the clinic of your chosen laser hair specialist in Pune about four to six times, depending on which area of the body is being treated and the problem’s severity. Sessions are four weeks apart for dealing with excess facial hair, and six weeks apart for getting rid of unwanted body hair. Maintenance or touch-up treatment is recommended once or twice a year to keep the impressive results intact.

Saves Time and Money

There is no need to spend the entire day at the laser hair removal clinic because every session can be completed quickly, depending on which area of the body needs treatment. For instance, the legs may require 30 minutes to an hour of your time.

The upper lip, on the other hand, can be treated in just a minute. Removing underarm hair using a laser usually takes no more than seven minutes. As you can see, the laser treatment is one of the fastest ways to rid your face and the rest of your body of excess hair that can wreak havoc not only on your appearance but also self-esteem.

Especially if you are a very busy person, undergoing laser is a smart choice. Believe it or not, laser treatment is easier on the pocket in the long run than most traditional solutions for excess facial and body hair.

Even though laser hair removal doesn’t come with a cheap price tag, it can help you save money because it eliminates the need to constantly buy razors, shaving gels, or depilatory creams, or undergo waxing or threading repeatedly at your favorite day spa or hair removal salon.

No Ingrown Hair

Is shaving your go-to hair removal method? Chances are that you constantly have to deal with ingrown hair, which can mar your appearance and leave you experiencing pain and itchiness in some instances. The problem with ingrown hair is that it can cause skin darkening. If you scratch and break your skin, permanent scarring may happen, too.

Getting laser treatment for excess hair allows you to say goodbye to ingrown hair forever. As a matter of fact, after completing all of the recommended sessions, you can turn your back on shaving for the rest of your life.

However, do take note that you may notice some redness and temporary discomfort after a laser hair removal session. Worry not because these are normal side effects, and they go away on their own after just a couple of days.

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