In order to win an escape room, you need the best strategy. These are the escape room tips and tricks that you need to know!

Escape rooms are designed to be high-pressure situations that test your patience, problem-solving skills and ability to work with others. Businesses use them to test teamwork and people can’t get enough of the thrill of escaping from rooms with themes from serial killers to the zombie apocalypse.

Escape rooms aren’t supposed to be easy, but if you want to impress the bosses, family members or friends with your ability to get out of the most complex escape room, then we’ve got six escape room tips that will have you reaching for the exit door in no time.

You’ll become an escape room master.

1. Listen to the Escape Room Instructor

Most escape rooms have a backstory and theme that the instructor explains in addition to the rules of the game. People want to get to problem-solving and stare about the room looking for the puzzles instead of listening.

The instructor often provides hidden tips in their explanations that you can use. It also helps you get into the mood of the escape room.

2. Escape Room Tips: You Need a Leader

Have you ever noticed in horror movies that there’s always someone that leads the charge? They’re the ones everyone looks to for answers and helps get everyone out safely. You escape room needs that person.

The leader is the one that coordinates everyone else and makes sure resources are spent appropriately. The leader isn’t part of a single group but goes to the ones that they feel need help. The leader is the person people report to and keeps a level head as everyone frantically tries to solve the puzzles.

3. Break Out into Groups

Part of the complexity of escape rooms is the need to solve several puzzles. Trying to do it as one big group usually means you run out of time before all puzzles are solved. Break out into smaller groups and tackle the various puzzles at one time.

The leader can put the clues together, but the individual groups give him the individual pieces.

Escape Room

4. Communication is Key to Escape Room Success

While everyone splits into groups, it’s important to communicate not only in the individual groups but as also as a whole. The smaller group members need to talk to each other and keep everyone informed of their progress,

The smaller groups need to communicate with the leaders if they solve something or if they’re having trouble with the puzzles.

5. Observe Your Surroundings

An escape room is built to be confusing with red herrings and clutter to keep items you need hidden. When you first start the escape room, look around and see what you can use for the puzzles. This is another reason why communication is important.

If one group needs and item and the other group has it, then they can give it to the other group.

6. Are You in a Linear or Non-Linear Escape Room?

Escape rooms come in two main varieties: linear and non-linear. Linear escape rooms only provide the next clue once the first is solved. A non-linear one has all the clues available when you start, and you can find them at any time.

Determining which you’re in can have a big impact on how you solve the puzzles. Don’t search for other clues in a linear escape room because they’re not there until the first clue is solved.

Enjoy the Experience

It’s important to have not only to figure out the escape room but also have fun doing it. These escape room tips can help you solve it faster, but if you don’t have fun it’s not worth it.

Don’t take it too seriously and you’ll be fine. If you want more helps with escape rooms, then explore our site.

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