There are many reasons why children go to care in the United Kingdom. It can be because a parent is not able to provide them the basic care because of illness or other reasons. Some of the children are under the supervision of relatives because their parents are no longer there, and the relatives are not able to tend to them. Children in an environment where their welfare is under threat or those who have suffered abuse also go into care.

More than 65,000 children are in care in the UK per the latest statistics. There is a continuous revolving door as thousands more are taken into care each year, while thousands go back to their birth families or move on into adulthood. Maintaining this integrated framework of care takes a lot of effort but thanks to the many stakeholders, it provides many children a chance for a better life.

A Delicate Situation

Being exposed to tough scenarios early on, many children who go into care are in a delicate mental and physical state. Challenging behavior is manifested in aggression or other forms of projections. Some children become reclusive as bad experiences have forced them into a shell. Many children have been shifted from one foster home to another – such unpredictability and stress have an effect on their demeanor and confidence.

Fostering – A Rewarding Responsibility

Providing foster care to a child may seem like an intimidating prospect, but if there are enough safeguards and resources in place to ensure that it is the most positive experience you can have. If you want to be a foster parent, there are many things to look forward to.

When you extend foster care to a young child, you get to build a relationship with the person and you can also be a positive influence. Fostering is also a great way to earn some extra money. There are enough provisions to ensure that you and your ward do not make any compromises when it comes to basic requirements.

In terms of personal growth too, fostering a child is a very rewarding experience. The interactions you have and knowledge you will gain will help you grow as a person. Your role as a foster caregiver is important for the child’s academic future too. By offering him or her stability, you provide a fertile and secure ground for learning and creativity.

Recruitment Targets – A Constant Challenge

Every year, thousands of children are stuck in the middle of nowhere as there are not enough foster caregivers or homes to accommodate them. The children who tend to suffer the most are the ones in their teens and siblings. The harsh reality is that if they are not accommodated in a new home, they might be separated from their brothers and sisters and kept in institutions far away from their family, school, and communities. Therefore there is a great national need for responsible foster caregivers.

Fostering Process

The process of taking in a child as a foster parent is filled with many steps. This is to ensure that children will be living in the right environment and that caregivers are equipped with the basic infrastructure and training to provide a good home. You will be able to interact with social workers in your districts and get very relevant information and tips on how to become a foster parent. Some of the things that will be evaluated include the spaces in your home and your own medical records and physical state.

You will be able to reach out to foster care and child experts 24/7 in your role as a foster parent. Before you make this important step, there are several training programs and mentorships that you will need to be part of. These programs are filled with priceless tips and information and are a very enriching experience.

Consider Foster Care Giving                                              

There are no strict parameters for people who want to be foster parents. Here is a more in-depth look at the foster care process. LGBT adoption is gaining momentum in the country and there are provisions for single individuals to take up foster care responsibilities. Taking a child into your home, and making the child a part of your loving family is the greatest gift you can offer someone. It is also a gift with many rewards, as you play in important role in the nurturing of a young adult who will grow up and contribute to the society you live in. Fostering is a noble responsibility – consider it.

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