Due to the global economic crisis, getting the perfect job or starting a new business has become very hard. In that past, just having a fancy education would have given you a high paid job. Things have changed a lot and you can’t say for sure, you can get a decent job in Singapore after completing your master’s degree. Due to the uncertainty associated with the job field, sourcing alternative sources of income has become a necessity.

Forex, the largest financial market can help you to secure your financial stability. Becoming an active trader, you can make big profits with the help of prediction. Things become very challenging at the initial stage but those who know the importance of education can overcome the obstacles. Let’s explore the three major types of Forex market analysis

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is the most popular form of market analysis. All the traders rely on technical analysis to predict the price movement. You will be analyzing the candlestick with the help of some advanced tools to predict the potential price movement in any asset. Though the learning difficulties associated with technical analysis might seem but with the right approach, you can lower down the hassle. For instance, develop a strong basic foundation so that you can place the perfect orders. Take your time and try to improve your skills with the help of a demo account. Once you get better at trading, focus on the long term goals.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis may the most important aspect of the CFD trading profession. The major news can even alter the established trend. The intermediate traders might have seen the price is changing its direction all of a sudden without giving any prior notice. But those who are tuned with the fundamental news knows the perfect way to analyze the fundamental data. They can explain the reason for which the market is changing its trend. It’s not a sophisticated or complex process.

Forex market

By becoming a member of the social trading network site you can develop your trading skills and become a successful trader without any trouble. However, some of you may think learning to analyze the news factors requires help from the professional traders. This is true to a certain extent as you will not understand how the global economy reacts to different news data. But instead of spending money to get an education from the experts, you can rely on free articles and develop your trading skills.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is nothing but the study of the consumer sentiment. The market often behaves irrationally and the irrational behavior of the price movement can be defined with the help of sentiment analysis. You might think learning to analyze the sentiment of the market is more life dealing with market psychology. This is true to a certain extent. If you analyze the price movement from the average person’s view, you won’t get the bigger picture. You have to think like the big banks and institutions. Once you develop this unique ability, you can even trade without focusing on the technical factors. However, relying on a single form of analysis is a very complex task. Most of the time, the naïve traders fail to nail the trades. So, try to improve your win rate by using the three key forms of market analysis.


Success requires hard work and passion. If you want to develop your skills without pushing yourself to the limit, you should not trade Forex. This professional is designed for a wise person. You need to be a disciplined trader to deal with the unexpected situations of this market. Making some quick decisions and breaking the rules shouldn’t be your trait. Try to trade the market with some basic rules and never think you can become a millionaire by using an aggressive trading method.

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