I definitely hate it when I experience those moments of restlessness, unhappiness, and irritation. Before I was unaware of how to get rid of those feelings and boost my mood. I have now found a few different easy methods we can all do in order to improve our mood and turn those frowns upside down.

Also taking care of your mental wellbeing is important and we all deserve to be happy and positive however sometimes we have to work a little bit to achieve that.

Donate to Charity:

Donating Money

I can just see the raising of eyebrows already, but I promise you this is honestly a really rewarding way of boosting your mood. It has actually been proven that donating to charity improves your XYZ hormones which are the hormones that cause you to be happy. Many cultures and religions actually include charity in joyful events. For example, Muslims donate Zakat ul-Fitr which is a small donation given to charity before Eid al-Fitr prayers commence. Christians also donate money on the joyful occasion of Easter. Many more religions do such actions as donating is truly a beautiful act that allows you to reflect on your blessings and that there are people out there who are suffering more than you.

Donating to charity and helping people in general always warms the human heart up and will definitely bring a big smile to your face. It probably is a very unusual method of boosting your mood, but I bet now you understand now that it is actually a great way as you are helping others and also helping yourself it is a double win.

It may not be a customary part of your lifestyle and you may not be able to give it routinely however even just incorporating it every now and then in your life will cause a warm fuzzy feeling to appear due to your kind actions and giving to others.

Read a Book:

Read a Book

Reading is a wonderful method for improving your mood, it is known to help both your brain and body to relax and allows you to distress and focus your mind on something positive. Reading is not only beneficial for your mind it is also beneficial in many other factors. Those factors being that reading can actually lower blood pressure and heart rate and can also lead to the decline rate of feelings of loneliness within you. All these benefits you can gain by simply reading a book all helping towards improving your mood.

Reading is also a great and healthy escape from your crazy and fast-paced reality. We all need a little escape from our lives, let our head live up in the clouds for a bit, and watch how much better you will feel.

Pick up a good book and get reading and escape your problems for a bit.

Do some meditation:

Woman Meditating

By reading books, you are escaping your reality in order to feel better however meditation encourages you to focus on your mind and take time our reduce your constant stress and focus on the positive.

When you don’t take time out of your day to reflect and calm down you can actually be risking your health by all the stress. Stress affects your health immensely as it causes your adrenal glands to overproduce the hormone which is known as cortisol. If you are increasingly exposed to this hormone, it can cause negative effects on the function of the brain and multiple other organs.

And I know for sure that you do not want anything like that to happen, so engaging in meditation is a great way to minimize the effects of stress on your body and health. You can trade your state of stress and unhappiness for a state of deep relaxation, I would definitely choose that any day. There are many different types of meditation for you to choose from so you are limited to one type.

I hope that these are beneficial and that they can help turn that frown upside down.

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