Creative people are more likely to depart from the classic standards of black and white resume design. They put the most unusual ideas into practice, such as a glossy magazine cover or an artificially designed resume. However, their informative part is no different from the established requirements of paperwork.

Advantages and disadvantages

A creative CV enables the job seeker to stand out from classic style presentation forms. And that’s not surprising. Going through a lot of similar resumes, a recruiter will stop at a colorful document with great pleasure and carefully read the text.

The first thing to consider is the disadvantages of being creative:

  • not every executive understands the essence of non-standard resumes;
  • preparing a presentation document can take more than a day;
  • The inner uneasiness of the job seeker about the opinion of the management of the company where he/she wants to get the job can have a negative impact on the creative design;
  • Not all positions are suitable for a creative resume format.

Creative CVs

But the list of merits of non-standard approach has many more points:

  • Dropout of companies. Managers and recruiters can voice their criticism of the resume provided. Differing views and competing opinions indicate an inability to work with the boss and the company team as a whole.
  • The creative format helps to compensate for the applicant’s minimal work experience.
  • Creative resumes give the job seeker the chance to have a stunning career. In a short period of time, an unconventional document can end up in the database of all creative companies in the city. This means job offers will start pouring into the job seeker.
  • The managers of companies connected with creativity give preference to candidates with unconventional thinking. A job seeker with a creative CV will certainly be invited for an interview. The communication will not be on a sluggish note, but with a smile and laughter.
  • The team sees quite often the resumes that come to the company. And such an unusual approach to drafting a presentation document will allow you to quickly fit in with the team.

Interesting design

Creating a creative CV is actually very difficult. Creative thinking and knowledge of graphic programs are only the first steps to creating a presentation masterpiece. To attract an employer’s attention, you’ll need to think of an unusual concept for the document and you may need resume wording help.

Recruiters reveal which types of creative resumes appeal most to CEOs.

Infographics. Quite a common method of self-presentation among creative professions. The text of this document necessarily includes all the points of a classic resume. As for the background, here the job seeker must be creative.

The envelope. These days, recruiters and business managers receive CVs from applicants by e-mail. But it is not always successful – such emails are most often deleted. A “live letter”, delivered by courier, or given to the personnel department personally, will help to avoid such situations. At the same time, the resume itself should have a non-standard design.

Cover page. A great option for a creative resume is a glossy magazine cover. It is suitable for placing printed information and inserting some portfolio elements.

In fact, there are a lot of variants for a creative resume. The main thing is to use your creativity and find an acceptable model for a quick job application.

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