A Difficult Reality, But Not An Impossible One

Allergies aren’t technically an “illness”, but they sure feel like one, and they’re definitely chronic. Respiratory issues like asthma are in a similar category. In short, there are many different kinds of illnesses that can be described as chronic, regardless of the technical designation a medical institution may give.

It’s integral to learn how best such illnesses may be managed. You’ve got to be a bit strategic about it. Most people with chronic illnesses of one variety or another have resources at home. Certainly staying in shape and eating right will put your body at its peak, which allows you to more effectively manage recurring illnesses; but there may be the medication you can’t avoid.

If you’re on a vacation, you need to have that medication available. You’ve got to have enough to cover the proscribed length of your journey, and you’ve got to have enough to keep you going should things happen that are unexpected. If you plan on being gone for a week, bring three weeks’ worth of medication just in case.

Knowing The “Lay Of The Land”

Lay Of The Land

Also, it’s important to know the “lay of the land”, as it were, pertaining to where you plan on relaxing. For example, if you’ve got asthma, or you’ve got allergies, and you’re going to be anywhere near Waterbury, Connecticut, you may want to have a list of relevant ENTs in Waterbury you can reach out to should something go awry.

For example, what if you packed three weeks’ worth of medication, but new employees at the airport—or old ones, for that matter—mishandled your luggage. You made it to Connecticut, your luggage is enjoying its own vacation in Florida, and you’re without medication. Well, if you know the right ENT, you can make a quick appointment and pick up what you need from a local pharmacy.


Once you have the details ironed out on things like medication, you’ll next want to give yourself some leeway in terms of travel time and energy. When your body is low on energy, that which ails you will naturally be more perceptible. As you wear yourself out with travel, you can expect the conditions of your illness to start acting up.

Understand how far you’re traveling, whether there will be jet lag, and what that means to you. Give yourself some rest when you make it to your final destination, and pace yourself as you go about enjoying your time off. The good news here is that vacations are generally relaxing if you do them right. Psychological relaxation translates to bodily comfort.

Psychological Health

If you don’t believe that, just consider the negative impact technology has on mental health. It turns out how we think, and how we spend our time, has a direct effect on how healthy we are. When you’re psychologically relaxed, this is going to enable your immune system. There’s an old proverb about this, how good spirits are health to the bones, but nobody can bear broken spirits.

While laughter may not be a medicinal compound you can bottle up and put in a jar, you can facilitate collateral benefits through planning activity conducive to joy. Do things you’ve always wanted to do, eat food you’re curious about, see destinations that you’ve always dreamed of seeing. These things enervate the body and mind, helping transcend chronic illness.

Not everything can be overcome, but you can meter the pain you must deal with through strategic exercises that protect medication, and keep your mind in a healthy place. So don’t let your illness keep you from having a vacation. Just plan in advance, understand what you’re in for, and give yourself room to rest as necessary. You’ll be fine.

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