Can you be charged without being indicted? Unless the prosecutor provides enough evidence to charge the accused, this person won’t be indicted by the grand jury.

However, the defendant is likely to remain in custody until the trial, if the bail amount is not covered. The judge is in charge of setting bail, based on the defendant’s prior convictions, the seriousness of the crime, its ties to the community, and the risk of public safety.

Since most defendants cannot afford to pay this fee, they hire the assistance of bonding professionals who pledge money as a guarantee for their appearance in court.

These are the main reasons to hire one.

Provide financial help

Perhaps the most significant benefit of hiring a bondsman is being provided with financial help that covers the bail expenses. These professionals require their clients to pay a maximum of fifteen percent of the overall bail amount while they provide the rest. As a result, defendants aren’t obliged to take a loan to cover the bond, thus automatically avoiding debt.

Moreover, in moments of desperation, most of the defendants end up selling their most valuable assets to raise the required amount of money. Apart from costly jewelry and modern vehicles, these people also sell their properties without considering their genuine value.

Anyhow, hiring a bondsman would prevent you from selling your valuables at an amazingly low price and falling into debt, thus enabling you to employ your existing finances into covering legal expenses.

Although some defendants are capable of raising the required bail amount without the professional assistance of bondsmen, these people are likely to be exposed to a financial investigation. Click here to learn more about how the bail bond system works.

Paying a large bond amount usually triggers an investigation, as the defendants are suspected of obtaining the money illegally. Instead of waiting for days for the investigation to be completed, hiring a bonding professional would impede such financial scrutiny from happening.

financial scrutiny

Explain the court procedure

First-time offenders aren’t usually familiar with the court proceedings following the arrest, which might result in making some unfavorable decisions. For instance, in some situations, defendants aren’t required to pay bail to be released from prison, such as committing a non-violent offense, having no prior convictions, being employed in the area, etc.

More severe crimes, on the other hand, require defendants to pay a huge amount of money to stay out of prison until the trial. In such cases, bondsmen are the right professionals to guide the accused through the arrest process, providing them with useful information on what to expect from the court process. They’ll inform you about your options so as to select the fastest way of releasing you from prison.

Being knowledgeable and experienced

The greatest thing about bondsmen is its extensive knowledge and experience in court procedures. These professionals not only provide bail bonds but offer assistance throughout the entire process as well.

Additionally, bondsmen handle the piles of paperwork that might be confusing to defendants. They make sure all documents are filled out properly, thus minimizing the risk of mistakes.

Paperwork mistakes are likely to result in additional expenses that only make matters worse for the accused. Therefore, the role of bondsmen is undoubtedly crucial in terms of providing a fast release from prison, which could otherwise take weeks.

Keep matters strictly confidential

Confidentiality is an indispensable aspect of the collaboration between legal representatives and defendants. A bondsman would handle your case with the utmost discretion, preventing other people from knowing about your arrest. Also, this professional would prohibit the financial authorities from poking around your financial matters.

Another incredible benefit of having a bondsman by your side is taking full responsibility regarding your attendance at the hearing. When a family member or a friend posts the bond for you, he/ she is held responsible in the case of your getaway. They’d have to personally bring you to justice or hire a bounty hunter to track you down. The following link,, explains the importance of client confidentiality.

Wrap up

Hiring a bondsman is undoubtedly the most affordable way of getting out of prison until the trial!

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