The future can be terrifying yet thrilling to ponder upon. Where time will take you and how it’ll affect which aspects of life aren’t things you can know until it happens. However, you can tell the kind of conditions and circumstances that may arise in your near future that could affect certain aspects of your life in a particular way.

To do this, a lot of people take the help of Vedic astrology, intricate art, and precise science that monitors the movements of celestial beings. For accurate predictions, you can have free reading about your astrology online.

Kundali or Natal Chart

For accurate readings, practiced astrologers will take into consideration your kundali or birth chart, which is a key part of predicting astrology online. The kundali is a representation in a figurative form that takes into consideration the date, specific time, and exact location of your birth. The movements of celestial beings like the sun, moon, planets, and stars at this, time and location are calculated based on which the kundali is formed.

The kundali is a very important chart that helps you make predictions about:

  • Your career, ambitions, finance, and resources.
  • Your health, family, social life, and even children.
  • Academics, personal growth, and the obstacles you will face.
  • When you will get married, what planets affect you in which manner, if in negative ways, also gives you the remedies.

The kundali is the chart that forms the very base upon which all future calculations can be made.

Factors that affect your kundali

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Graham represents the planets of our solar system that affect a person’s life. There are 7 grahas recognized by Vedic Astrology – The sun, the moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Venus. There are also two other shadow planets called Chaaya graham, which is Rahu and Ketu.


The celestial sphere can be divided into 12 with 30 degrees between each. Each division forms a house where a planet and a zodiac are placed. Each house represents a certain aspect of your life like career, health, or personal relations. The influence of each planet and zodiac in the particular bhaava is what will influence how you handle the situations laid out for you.


These are moon-placed signs that are also more commonly known as the zodiacs. There are 12 raashis recognized by Vedic astrology. These moon-based signs give more insight into your inner self and your mind.


The lagna is also known as the ascendant. The ascendant is the ruler or the first sign in the first house of the horizon at the time of your birth. The lagna plays a huge role in defining and helping you understand your outward persona and the characteristics you show to the outside world.

These are the main factors that a professional astrologer will look into to give you more answers about your future. With free astrology online, your questions will be less confusing because you will know the kind of situations that await you if not knowing exactly what they are.

You can never predict exactly what happens in the future, but you can gain clarity about the general direction your life is pointing towards.

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