Bungee workout, Doga, trampoline exercises, aqua yoga and aqua spinning, seem to be some of the current trendy exercises and new ways to get fit. But have you heard of Pole fitness?

How about Aqua Pole fitness? Yes, we are probably all aware what pole dancing entails. But did you there is a way of merging your dancing skills and your workout routine, positioned on a pole, while on the water?

Your average pole can be a versatile piece of fitness equipment even in water. Although aqua pole fitness may cause you to hurt in unusual places, it’s worth giving it a go, because it’s an effective whole body workout.

What Is Pole Fitness?

Not just an activity to benefit your body, pole dancing is also beneficial to the mind and soul.

Lately, aqua pole fitness is becoming more mainstream. Which is no surprise considering just by looking at its benefits, you can see a pole is a highly versatile piece of fitness equipment.

This workout focuses on the whole body. This simple exercise may eliminate the need for the regular gym as it can improve your coordination, flexibility, posture and upper body and core strength.

However, do consider the fact that you may need additional strength as you’ll be using your body weight for resistance.

With just one pole you have the opportunity to perform many different workouts. For arm and ab workouts consider trying chin-ups. But for legs and bum workouts why not try swan holds.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – Vivotion

Aqua Pole Fitness

Chances are, you are aware of some of the trend exercises that incorporates water such as aqua yoga, aqua spinning, paddle boarding workout, and cardio interval swimming workout. But in this article, we will learn about the meaning behind Aqua Pole Fitness.

Just add water to your pole fitness routine, and you’re good to go!

According to Aqua Pole, user enthusiasm for pool exercise equipment across America has grown thanks to the awareness of the benefits exercising in the water has to offer.

From the younger people among us to the older, lean to plus sizes, athletic to sedentary people. And for those less experienced at swimming to those who consider themselves athletes. No matter if it is in the form of aqua aerobics, water walking or even pole dancing and kickboxing in the water, Aqua Pole Fitness has never been more popular.

Aqua Pole Fitness Trainers Philosophy

Originating in Italy, aqua pole fitness is believed to be just as much about being happy and positive while having a fun time as it is about fitness. Also, considering this form of workout is one not often seen in your local swimming pool, it is a great way to join people together in a social environment.

Similarly, people believe aqua fitness to be an excellent choice of a workout as it takes away the sometimes unpleasant atmosphere of the gym and puts you into the fun environment of the local pool. Accessible to people of all ages and with all levels of flexibility as the fact you’re weightless in the water means anyone can do it, this automatically makes aqua pole different to regular pole dancing, which many of us would consider being inappropriate for younger ages. This form of workout can make aqua fitness more appealing to those of a younger age, as beforehand many of us would think of a load of grannies doing water aerobics when told about aqua fitness.

Five Swimtastic Aqua Fitness Tips

One important tip is to remember to breathe while you are in the water. You’d be surprised by the number of people stop breathing correctly once in the presence of water.

Of course, ensuring you get the correct hours of sleep is another important fitness tip. On average, 8 hours of sleep is what you should be aiming for to make sure you are in perfect condition while working out.

The next tip is to keep yourself hydrated.

It’s best not to make the common mistake of forgetting to drink plenty of water before and after your session. If you are not looking to having to pee throughout your workout constantly, then it may be best to avoid drinking less than 2 hours before you take part in the workout.

Remember, black coffee and tea are diuretics.

Lastly, it is essential to take care of your hair and skin. You can do this by showering before and after your sessions.

The Promise

The best thing about a water workout is that your body is working harder than you think. Because your body are is constantly resisting against the water as you move, your butt, legs and abs are therefore constantly burning calories.

In fact, with the assistance of the water buoyancy, you can get into positions that you can’t otherwise on land due to gravity. It is the water that provides the resistance in many directions, this then causes the hydrostatic pressure to alleviate the stress placed on the joints and the spine. Therefore allowing the workout to be suitable for all levels of fitness.

Aqua Fitness Classes

The City of Greater Geraldton Aquarena offers a variety of aqua fitness classes. You might want to check

them out below:

  • Aqua Bikes
  • Deep Water
  • Lite Pace
  • Circuit
  • Aqua Shape
  • Cross Training
  • Boot Camp (Outdoor land and water-based workout)
  • Spin/Boxing Combo
  • Aquacize

The Benefits

If you find the general lessons in the swimming pool boring, Aqua Pole fitness is great for you because it will help you to migrate from the ground to the water. Aqua pole is a low-impact and core oriented workout that tones your whole body and promotes good posture.

In some cases, aqua pole fitness has been known to decrease your stress levels.

Furthermore, unlike similar workouts, aqua pole fitness is less of a threat to your joints. Many exercises are done in water allow you to the freedom to train without the risk of dangerous stress on the joints.

With that being said, this will allow the preparation of engaging classes that involve a good workout for any user. Whether you are sporty or non-sporty, man or woman, young or old!

Working out in water is risky from a clear point of view, but that doesn’t mean it should be underestimated.

Taking part in some aqua pole exercises can also help you to lose weight. In fact, after only an hour’s class, you are likely to burn 300 calories.

Alternatively, if you are interested in getting stronger rather than lose weight, another benefit of aqua pole fitness is that it can tone and build muscle in your arms and legs. This is whilst also tightening typically flabby areas. For instance, your bottom and upper arms, this can be hard to target at the gym. This workout also improves balance, coordination, agility and core strength.

This method of workout is a fantastic opportunity for toning. Especially your abdominals, hips, and core as well as trunk and shoulders. It alleviates pressure on the joints and back without decreasing the workload.

To boot, one of the benefits that Aqua pole can offer is it improves cardiovascular activity and blood circulation.

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