It is a fact that the fried foods are on the list of the foods that are considered to be unhealthy. So many food experts have revealed that many foods that you fry in hydrogenated oils may lead to a variety of health complications such as weight gain and still many people do consume them daily. In any kind of cooking and food industry, the stakeholders will make sure that the product meets the market demand. As you continue to learn more about your diet, specifically the unhealthy fats, you will get some new solutions in case you are aiming to protect your health.

Many restaurants in the US which sell fast foods are able to serve more than 50 million customers in a day; this implies that many of us do consume a diet that is very rich in sugar, salt, and fat. If you are that kind of person who loves eating sweet potatoes in any place and at any time, do you think the air fryer to be a healthier solution? Is it possible for you to enjoy eating the foods that you love or can you get a better alternative?

About the air fryer

By cooking your crispy food using the hot air, you find that an air fryer is able to use just half a spoonful of oil in frying your foods. The revolutionary air fryer was designed and introduced to the customers, in less than 10 years ago. This device was designed to fry foods without using any oil and fat. Many foods that you will cook using this equipment will only need hot air.

Air Fryers

Benefits of using an air fryer to cook your foods

The air fryers use the rapid air technology which makes them blow the superheated air so as to cook foods which were traditionally fried using oil. Even if you wish to make donuts, chicken, chips, and fish, air that is up to 200 degrees will start to circulate in the fryer, thereby creating a crispy surface. Within a span of 10 to 15 minutes, you will be able to cook a large number of fries by using an only half spoonful of oil. You can also be able to cook steaks, burgers, nuggets, cakes or any other by just roasting, baking, toasting or frying them.

Even the air fryer from Philips is known to be all-purpose fryer, you can get it to be like a mini convection oven as the high- speed fan is able to circulate hot air thereby cooking food. It was initially designed to be an easier and safer method that you can use in frying your foods also be able to reduce the amount of that you use and any kind of injuries. The question that you may ask is that is it healthier to use it?

More than 7 million devices have been sold around the world; with some of them being sold up to $299. But, is this device the best that you can invest in? Can it offer you a healthier solution?

The article on how the fried food is destroying your brain thereby increasing your chances of death.

The question is that, should you use an air fryer if you wish to improve your health?

The Philips stated that, when you compare the air fryer with the traditional methods, you will get that it uses 80% less amount of fat. The hydrogenated oils have so much trans fat and if you consume a lot of it daily, you will increase the cholesterol level, thereby increasing your risk of getting a stroke or a heart disease.

What some studies have revealed

In one study that was published in the international Food research journal, the researchers compared the traditional frying machines at 180 degrees for 40 minutes with the air frying machines at the same temperature. The researchers tried to cook potato strips within 6 minutes once the process was complete they determined the oil uptake, moisture, and the physicochemical properties.

Why it is healthier to use an air fryer

Finally, the researchers were able to find out that the air frying was able to reduce the oil and moisture uptake. With the traditional frying machines, the researchers found out that there were some changes in the extracted oil when they evaluated it in terms of physicochemical changes, peroxide values, and free fatty acids. In summary, the researchers concluded that it is healthier for you to use an air fryer. With the air fryer, there is a possibility of high free radicals. Although you may use small use, the aeration, the food that you are cooking, the temperature level and the types of oil with determining the formation of the free radicals. In case you like air frying, it is good that you use oils which do not oxide easily, for instance, the coconut oil.

In case you like to eat fried foods, then the air fryer can be the best option when it comes to oil consumption.

Why you should not like to cook your foods

However, you must know that when you are cooking fries, even if you are not using oil, they cannot be the best nutritious foods. You will realize that these foods lack some important nutrients and the high temperature that you use in cooking may reduce some minerals and vitamins. Some of the vitamins that may be reduced are vitamin K, E, D and A. Therefore raw foods can be better as they have a lot of nutrients.

Instead of you getting excited, that you are eating high-fat foods, why don’t you invest in fresh while foods as what you need are many nutrients? Even though you may wish to fry your broccoli in an air fryer, you will be lying to yourself, that you have taken nutrients that can assists in fighting against cancer, So many studies have revealed that if you eat raw cruciferous vegetables, you will definitely reduce the risk of some cancer.

In summary what you can learn from here is that the air frying can be a healthier solution if you low to eat fast bow fries. In case you are want to be careful of the fats that you consume, then you should avoid the foods that will require you to use an air fryer. You can switch to fats which are good for your heart such as avocado, olive oil, walnuts, and fish.

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