An average of 58 million people visit Walt Disney World every year. Are you planning on being one of them? Are you planning on going more than once? 

If so, you should consider getting a Disney Vacation Club membership. Read on to learn more about this program.

What Is the Disney Vacation Club? 

The Disney Vacation Club is a vacation timeshare. Members purchase a certain number of Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points. Usually, they must buy a minimum amount of points upon entering the program. 

They can then use these to book stays at any Disney Vacation Club resort in almost any room they want and at any time. They may just have to book these resort stays several months in advance. 

Beyond this, there are several more perks that members can receive. For example, they can get discounts on tours, dining, tickets, merchandise, and more. They can also get access to special member areas, events, etc. 

Pros and Cons of a Disney Vacation Club Membership

People might feel nervous about getting locked into a Disney Vacation Club contract. But as long as you’re careful, you can get a great amount of value from the program. Check out these pros and cons to see if a Disney Vacation Club membership is for you. 

Pro: Resell Your Club Points 

Are you unable to use all your Disney Vacation Club points? If so, you don’t have to settle for a complete financial loss. You can resell your club points to a few different markets. 

You can also buy DVC points for less on these markets. Check out this timeline for DVC resales to learn more. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t get all the DVC perks if you don’t buy directly from Disney. 

Disney Vacation Club Membership

Pro: Give Your Points

You can also just give DVC points to your friends and family members before they expire. It’s also possible to put them into your will. So family members down the line from you can enjoy their dream Disney vacation thanks to you. 

Con: Upfront and Annual Costs 

The point minimum isn’t the only annual cost of a DVC membership. You also have to pay hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees. And these costs will go up with inflation. 

Carefully consider if you can truly afford a DVC membership.

Con: So Much Planning 

Plus, you need to plan very carefully when you’re using your DVC points. You often need to plan for bookings, restaurants, and so on months in advance. Many people think that this cancels out the magic of a Disney vacation. 

Many More Pieces to Explore 

A Disney Vacation Club membership is not the best idea for everyone. Before you tie yourself into a contract, make sure that you’re going to benefit. Otherwise, you could end up losing a lot of money. 

Also, if you’re still in the reading mood, check out the dozens of other articles on our site. We’ve got pieces on pets, sports, travel, and more. 

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