Live music is an essential aspect of our culture and our way of life in the United States. In fact, the music industry is worth more than $26 billion in 2021.

Music acts like a spark that fans eagerly engulf, spreading its sound and wonderful messages to those who listen. Music tours travel around the nation, broadcasting their music and connecting with people of all backgrounds.

Are you fanatical about live music tours? Looking for the upcoming year? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

1. “Astral Odyssey” – Beyoncé

"Astral Odyssey" - Beyoncé

2023’s Top Live Music Tours could open with the highly successful North American “Astral Odyssey Beyoncé” tour! This tour has attracted millions of fans across the continent and has received widespread critical acclaim.

Beyoncé is known for her powerful stage presence and performance, and with this tour, she will, without a doubt, deliver an unforgettable show to an overjoyed audience. This six-month tour will feature hits from her solo career, studio albums, famous collaborations, and guest appearances.

Fans who attend this live music tour are in for a treat as they experience the talent and awe of the Queen of Pop. From the dazzling costumes to the immaculate vocal and performance techniques, Beyoncé is sure to leave audiences altogether in awe.

2. “The Unstoppable Tour” – Taylor Swift

"The Unstoppable Tour" - Taylor Swift

From the moment it was announced, The Unstoppable Tour by Taylor Swift was slated to be one of 2023’s top live music tours. This marks Swift’s ninth global trek and will see the chart-topping artist in iconic venues in Europe, South America, and the United States.

The tour features six-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and actress, Taylor Swift who has been selling out venues and stadiums across the world. Her passionate and unforgettable performances make the Unstoppable Tour an absolute must-see show for 2023.

A truly global spectacle, the tour is estimated to stir the emotions of over a million enthusiastic fans. With production worthy of the biggest show on Earth, tickets to The Unstoppable Tour by Taylor Swift have been sold out months in advance. It looks set to be one of 2023’s top concert tickets for sale.

3. “Dystopia World Tour” – Muselive concerts

"Dystopia World Tour" - Muselive concerts

One of 2023’s top live music tours was Muse’s Dystopia World Tour. With concerts hitting major venues around the world, from the US to Europe and across Asia, audiences were captivated by a captivating show spanning over an impressive two hours.

The band, renowned for delivering thrilling live performances, pulled off a setlist that was an electrifying mix of their recent album ‘Drones’, alternative rock classics from their previous works, and a few surprises. With spectacular pyrotechnic visuals and lasers accompanying their masterful and charged performance, Muse delivered an unforgettable evening of music for their devoted fans.

Mercurial frontman Matt Bellamy delivering some of his most awe-inspiring performances to date. In the end, this was a tour that set the standard for live concerts in 2023 and beyond.

4. “The Global Experience” – Ed Sheeran

"The Global Experience" - Ed Sheeran

The Global Experience Ed Sheeran of 2023’s top live music tour is one of the biggest music events of the year. It features one of the most iconic and beloved musicians of all time and has been selling out venues all over the world.

Ed Sheeran has entertained millions of fans and this tour is a great opportunity to see him live on stage. The tour starts in Sheeran’s home country, the United Kingdom, and then travels across the world to Japan, Europe, and the United States.

5. “Legends Never Die Tour” – Post Malone

"Legends Never Die Tour" - Post Malone

The highly anticipated Legends Never Die Tour Post Malone of 2023 kicked off with a massive show in New York City. Music fans worldwide descended upon the World Trade Center for a live music experience like no other. Post Malone’s setlist featured old hits such as “White Iverson” and “Psycho,” as well as many new bangers like “Sunflower” and “Circles.”

By the night’s end, the crowd was on their feet and singing along. The tour continued to hit many big cities, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and London. The success of this tour proved to be one of the biggest live music tours of 2023, with fans of all ages leaving the shows thoroughly entertained.

6. “The Formation World Tour” – Coldplay

"The Formation World Tour" - Coldplay

The Formation World Tour by Coldplay of 2023 was truly one of the top live music tours of the year. Coldplay had fans from all around the world awaiting the tour, and they did not disappoint.

Coldplay’s production was mesmerizing, with dazzling lights, special effects, and a stage that rivals any stadium. Each performance was thoughtfully crafted, with each song akin to a masterful work of art. Fans praised the band’s energy and stage presence, leaving many nights into early mornings.

7. “Ravevolution” – Calvin Harris

"Ravevolution" - Calvin Harris

Revolution Calvin Harris was one of 2023’s top live music tours. The highly anticipated tour took Harris’ award-winning dance, pop, and electro tunes to some of the world’s biggest cities. The energy it elicited from fans of all ages made the tour so special.

Harris featured an ever-changing set featuring some of his biggest hits across his impressive catalogue. Performers from local rap and dance communities were invited to open the night’s festivities and special guest DJs were invited to perform between sets.

Look for Music Tours Today

The 2023 music scene is sure to provide an excellent array of live tours for every fanbase. From celebrated superstars to up-and-coming indie acts, 2023 is primed to be a year of incredible live music.

So keep checking back to get your tickets for the must-see music tours and experiences.

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