If you run a commercial business, it is important to look after any utilities to make sure that your business runs smoothly. Your plumbing is important and is often forgotten about until something goes wrong. There are some signs and symptoms that you can look out for which will tell you that you need to upgrade or look into your commercial plumbing system. We have outlined these in our list below.

Lower Water Pressure

When you turn on the taps in your business and there is low water pressure it could be a sign that your water system has a blockage. Although low water pressure is not an emergency, it can affect your business over time, so it is important to get an expert out to identify the issue. If there is a sudden drop in pressure, this could be due to a whole blockage or a broken pipe which will require immediate attention. Gradual decreases in pressure should be addressed, as it is quite possibly due to a broken or blocked pipe.

Water Discoloration

If your water has good pressure but is discolored, it could be a sign of pipe corrosion. Pipe corrosion can lead to a burst pipe which could cause lasting damage to your business. Even if it is not corrosion, discolored water is certainly a concern and sign of a problematic issue and should be checked by an expert. Likewise, water stains, on walls or underneath plumbing can also be a clear sign that there is leakage that repair or replacement.

Bad Smells

Foul smells could be leaked sewage, which is both extremely unpleasant as well as unsanitary for your business. Strange smells may develop over time and might be subtle at first, before becoming more problematic. If strange or bad smells are detected, it is advisable to have an expert examine the source of the problem. Unusual smells, particularly those that are persistent, are usually a sign of a leaking or burst pipe.


Slow Drainage

It is evident that slow drainage is a clear sign of a problem in your plumbing. Depending on the source of the issue, this problem may be easily resolved by unclogging a blockage. This can be even self-done with the use of a drain cleaner. At other times, the issue may require a more significant and involved solution. If the problem is recurring is unable to be resolved easily through a self-applied solution, you may need professional support in clearing out your drains or upgrading your system.

Old Piping

If you are located in an old building, you may need to upgrade your pipes as older pipes may no longer befitting for their purpose. Many old pipes are made from materials that are no longer used or are simply worn and damaged from use over the years. Most piping materials have long life spans but are all prone to corrosion, sediment build-up, and damage. Expert plumbers can evaluate any piping and recommend the options best suited for your business needs.

Excessive Water Bills

Sudden, unexpected increases in your water bills are an indication of an underlying problem. For instance, leaks can sometimes be difficult to identify or may not at all be visible but become evident in your water bill that reveals a spike in expense.

If you see any of these 6 signs, it is recommended that you contact a commercial plumbing professional to further investigate the possibility of any problem that may require an upgrade to your commercial plumbing.

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